Gameday – HOU at PHI

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Big game today. And the Eagles are getting some help.

Tim Jernigan and Jordan Hicks will play. So will Boston Scott!!!

DeAndre Hopkins will play for Houston, but he didn’t look great in his pre-game workout. If he’s 80-90 percent, that still makes him a tough opponent, but the Eagles will take every break they can get. Better to have him a bit hobbled than 100 percent.

It is important that the Eagles play well today. The whole point in trying to get to the postseason is so you can have some success. Getting there only to lose the first game is no good. The Eagles have played pretty well the last month and they need to keep that going. Ideally you’d want them to take another step forward today and play even better.

The DL has a chance to dominate this game. Houston’s OL struggles with pass protection. Fletcher Cox and his teammates need to come through in a big way. Most important, they need to finish. Getting pressure on Deshaun Watson isn’t enough. The Eagles must put him on the ground.

There will be tremendous pressure on the back seven. They can’t just cover. They have to plaster receivers, anticipating that Watson will extend plays. Normally you can cover for three or for seconds and know a play will be over. The back seven must have a different mentality in this game. Play to the whistle.

I’m excited to see how the Eagles handle the overall situation.

Last week the Eagles gave us their game of the year. Was that an anomaly or a sign of things to come in the most important part of the season?

We’ll find out soon…


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