Fantastic Finish

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Doink, pt 2.

What a finish. You had to flashback to 2013. The Saints had a long kickoff return and then kicked a field goal to beat the Eagles in a wild card game.

The Bears got a long KOR and then moved down inside the Eagles 30-yard line. Ugh. It was going to be deja vu all over again.

But then Cody Parkey hit the upright with his 43-yard FG attempt. The ball fell downward and then hit the crossbar. Initially I couldn’t tell what happened. Then you could see the ball on the ground.

Eagles win!!!

I don’t know that I can think of a similar finish right off hand. I’ll have to really turn on the old brain to see if anything comes to mind.

It wasn’t pretty, but Nick Foles and the offense made clutch plays to win the game 16-15. The Eagles had to overcome some bad mistakes to win the game. In a way, that might have been important. This wasn’t a smooth win. In a game where a lot of things go right, you can get a false read on your team.

The Eagles will be confident after this win, but they also will understand they need to play a lot better if they want to win in New Orleans.

There are a lot of heroes after a wild win like this. Lots of guys made key plays and helped the Eagles win.

FolesMagic lives for another week. And this team showed they are legit. That’s the third win over a division winner in the last four weeks. Two of the games have been on the road.

Keep believing and enjoying the wild ride.


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