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The Eagles need a WR coach and a DL coach, but their first coaching addition of the offseason didn’t address either spot. Instead, Jim Schwartz added a former assistant of his, Matt Burke, to help the Eagles defense.

Burke was the defensive coordinator in Miami the last two years. The Dolphins really struggled on defense and Burke was let go when there was a coaching change a few weeks back.

Burke has a long history with Schwartz, having worked with him in Tennessee and Detroit. Burke worked his way up the ladder and spent most of his time coaching linebackers. He’s gotten good play from LBs with multiple teams.

The Eagles have a LBs coach in Ken Flajole, but it is fair to say the group wasn’t all that great in 2018. Flajole will turn 65 in the upcoming season so it certainly makes sense for the Eagles to add a young coach who knows LBs.

While Burke didn’t get good results as a DC, he does have a good track record when it comes to coaching LBs. As I watched some of his press conferences, it struck me that Burke didn’t come across as a strong leader. This is just an initial impression, but he certainly didn’t have the presence of someone like Schwartz. You can be a good LB coach without being able to be a good DC.

One area where Burke has done well is takeaways. Four of the last five years, he’s been part of a defense that finished in the Top 11 in the league in takeaways. That was a major weakness for the Eagles in 2018. If Burke can help there, that would be huge.

A lot of people were down on Schwartz and the defense during the 2018 season, but it sure looks like injuries were the primary problem, not coaching.

Schwartz has 10 years of experience working with Burke. This is obviously a coach he knows and likes. The Eagles don’t need major schematic changes, but it certainly can’t hurt to bring in someone who could be a good fit for the staff. Burke knows Schwartz’s scheme and ideas. He’s also been away from Schwartz so he may have some new ideas to bring to the mix.

I don’t see Burke as a successor to Schwartz. Doug Pederson would bring in a new DC, not let Schwartz hand pick his replacement.


Worrilow can be a good backup MLB and STer. It makes sense to bring him back.

The Eagles still need to figure out who the starting MLB will be. Worrilow will have his shot to compete for more playing time, but the first order of business for him is getting healthy.


We don’t have any updates on the WR and DL coaching positions.

I thought maybe the Eagles were talking to some people down in Mobile at the Senior Bowl. Still no rumors.

It is possible the Eagles are waiting to talk to coaches from the Rams or Patriots.

There is no rush to fill these positions. The key is to make the right hires.


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