Another Coaching Update

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We have some more information on Eagles coaching changes.

This is interesting. The Eagles let Chris Wilson leave and promoted his backup. Why the change?

We don’t know anything for sure at this point. I thought it might be player development. If promoting from within, that wouldn’t make as much sense. It is possible that this is personality driven. Wilson is a former college coach. NFL players are very different than college players. That can lead to issues over time.

As for Daniels…

Obviously Doug Pederson places real value in having former NFL players as coaches. These aren’t just star players being given jobs because of their careers. Pederson hires coaches who have paid their dues and who are willing to put in the work it takes to succeed. Being an assistant coach in the NFL is not easy.

Daniels knows the Eagles scheme and the roster. That kind of continuity has value. Now he gets the chance to be the DL coach for a team that believes in focusing on DL play. This is a big opportunity for Daniels.


Mike Bartrum is another former player. He was a TE and LS during the Andy Reid era.

There is a report out of West Virginia that Bartrum was hired to be the TEs coach. That is not the case. The Eagles already have a TEs coach in Justin Peelle. He’s also an outstanding coach. Beyond that, Bartrum has limited coaching experience. He is trying to get started so he’ll have a lesser job.

In a way, Bartrum could remind Pederson of himself. Bartrum played for Andy Reid, retired and then got into high school coaching. Now he’s moving on to the NFL. Bartrum will start out with a grinder position to learn his way around the NFL and to also get a taste of things. Some love it (Pederson), while other former players realize this just isn’t meant for them.

I think it is good for Pederson to keep adding young coaches to his staff. You must find and develop coaching talent just like you do with players.


I know some people wanted Mike Groh gone or some veteran offensive coach brought in to help.

Pederson has confidence in himself. He has confidence in Groh, who did more in 2017 than I think most people realize. Pederson thinks highly of Press Taylor. Pederson is confident in Duce Staley and Jeff Stoutland and everything they do with the run game.

Carson Walch is now the WRs coach. I don’t know how much he did last year in terms of helping with the gameplan or exactly what’s he’s good at. Walch has been an offensive coordinator before so he should be able to help with some part of the gameplan work.

If the offense does struggle again, you’ll get your changes.

Pederson just doesn’t believe that will happen.


That was one amazing day.