Game of Tag

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Another day, more speculation.

Will they or won’t they?

Mike Florio is now raising a new question. Can they?

He is right, if you go by the letter of the law.

Florio loves to stir the pot. He’s a lawyer by trade and brings that mentality to his analysis. I heard his radio show recently and he talked about how the draft is un-American and should be abolished. He’s right on that to an extent, but while the draft is bad for players, it is good for the league and the overall sport. Nobody is going to get rid of it.

It will be interesting to see if Foles or his agent try to argue the Eagles shouldn’t be able to tag him. Foles is loved by the organization. He loves the organization. But this is business and that can lead to some hurt feelings.

Stay tuned.


We also have some coaching news.

The Eagles love to promote from within so this makes sense. I wrote this about Walch when he was hired a year ago.

Walch is a CFL guy, but he did work under Groh in Chicago back in 2013 and 2014. Walch has coached receivers, but he has also been an offensive coordinator. Pederson likes to bring in guys who understand the passing game and how to call plays. He can then have them focus on part of the Eagles offense (Red Zone vs 2-minute vs run plays vs 3rd down vs trick plays). You then take all of these elements and build them into a gameplan.

Groh and Walch having experience together can be a good thing. You like it when coaches speak the same language and know how to get on the same page. Guys who come from very different backgrounds can struggle to do that.

Dave Zangaro offered an interesting nugget.

As for Istvan, he was a player at Southern Connecticut State under Stoutland and then joined Stoutland’s staff after graduation. After his time at Southern Connecticut, Istvan went to the University of Buffalo, Milford Academy, Rhode Island and Cornell before his short stint at Keiser.

While at Milford Academy as an offensive coordinator, Istvan coached LeSean McCoy.

Istvan and Stoutland should work well together.

This is interesting. Pannunzio worked for the Eagles under Chip Kelly. Obviously he must have impressed someone if they are willing to bring him back.

Pannunzio has had his most success as a TEs coach, but the Eagles don’t need help there. He could come in as a coach or to be a member of Football Operations. It will be interesting to see what title he’s given and how he’s used.

These may not seem like big moves, but they could be. Andy Reid built a brilliant coaching staff in 1999. He lost guys every year and the staff really fell off after the Super Bowl. Doug Pederson needs to keep adding good coaches to his staff or to the Football Ops staff.

Let’s hope he chose well.