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The Eagles have made several moves in the last couple of weeks. One thing they’ve been masterful at is creating cap space. That all started with letting Nick Foles become a free agent. That took $20M off the books and got the Eagles under the cap. They’ve continued to create space since then.

As of Sunday morning, the Eagles had the 11th most cap space in the league.

That’s crazy.

We don’t know all the deals that have been factored into that. Ronald Darby agreed to terms, but we haven’t seen anything about him signing a new deal so that figure probably doesn’t include him. And to be fair, we don’t know what his deal is. It was reported to be $8.5M, but is that the real figure or the maxed out figure if he plays all 16 games and hits certain bonuses?

Just for arguments sake, let’s say the Eagles have around $20M in cap space.

Coleman was cheap. Since the Eagles passed on him, that tells you there was a concern. That means character or medical. I’ve never heard anything about Coleman being arrested or suspended so that means there is likely a medical concern.

He does have the sickle cell trait. That usually is only a regular factor for players in Denver, where the thin air is an issue. But maybe the Eagles have their own concerns about players with the trait. I don’t recall them having any players with it. Coleman could have a degenerative knee, shoulder or back issue that the Eagles saw at the Combine when he was a prospect. They check out all the prospects and keep detailed medical reports on them.

Something kept the Eagles from signing Coleman. I don’t think it was talent or money.

I’ve had people ask about Suh or Justin Houston. I don’t see either move as likely. Never say never when it comes to the Eagles and DL, but I don’t see those moves happening.

The draft is loaded with DL. The Eagles need cheap, young talent on the line. I think they’ll draft a DT or even two and a DE. If things go horribly wrong in late April, the team could go for a veteran after the draft.

I think both Wentz and the Eagles want to see how things play out this year. Both sides want to see if he stays healthy. That will affect his value in a major way. Wentz is going to get a big deal. We just don’t know how big.

The Eagles know they need help at RB. There are plenty of choices left. No stars, but the Eagles showed in 2017 that they don’t need elite RBs to have a dynamic offense. There could be a trade in the works. I don’t know anything more than you. Maybe we’ll get some good rumors this week.

I could still see the Eagles taking a look at veteran QBs. I don’t know what they truly think of Nate Sudfeld.

The team needs to add a veteran OL (G/C), but that won’t cost a lot.

Having cap space means the Eagles have options. That’s the real key here. Howie Roseman can look around the league and see who he wants to go after.


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