Curry Comes Home

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The Eagles love a deep D-line. They love players who can get into the backfield and make plays. On Thursday, the team added one player who can help in both areas.

We all wondered if the team might go after Curry when Tampa released him. They decided to do just that.

What we don’t know is what to make of this move.

This could mean:

1 – Chris Long isn’t coming back.

That’s certainly what Jeff McLane thinks.

I’m not so certain about that. Fletcher Cox played 830 snaps on defense last year, more than the Eagles would ideally like. They signed Malik Jackson so the team would have another DT who can rush the passer, whether in base or nickel/dime.

I still think there will be plenty of reps for DEs. Go back to 2017. Brandon Graham, Curry, Derek Barnett and Chris Long all played plenty of snaps. The Eagles love to rotate their pass rushers as much as possible.

2 – The Eagles have serious doubts about Josh Sweat.

Sweat showed virtually nothing in 2018. And he got hurt. The coaches sometimes will tell us about how good players look in practice. They say that about Nate Sudfeld and we trust them, more or less. The Eagles actions right now match their words. They haven’t gone after another backup QB.

The team hasn’t said a lot about Sweat, but this move certainly tells us they aren’t counting on him to be a regular player in 2019.

3 – The Eagles just happen to really like Vinny Curry.

I’m sure the coaches love his personality, but his play is less exciting. Again, let’s study their actions. The Eagles released Curry after 2017 and then just signed him to a cheap deal. That doesn’t exactly say “I Love You”.

So what are the Eagles getting? Curry started seven games last year, hurt his ankle and lost his job. Curry had 2.5 sacks. The game tape wasn’t very compelling. Curry will turn 31 this summer and age has caught up with him a bit, but I still think he can be an effective role player.

He can play left or right end. Curry can slide inside on passing downs if needed. He is still a good run defender. Curry can set the edge, something that is critical for Jim Schwartz’s DEs. Curry still has a good motor and can make effort plays.

One of the keys here is that it doesn’t feel like Curry is being promised anything. If Long is back, Curry could be battling Sweat and/or a rookie for a roster spot. If Long is gone, that does change things and Curry suddenly is a lot more important.

Let’s turn to Jimmy Bama for his take on this.

He’s right.

One thing about this. Curry genuinely wanted to come back to Philly. Last year he went for the money and the results showed. This is different.

That doesn’t mean Curry is going to suddenly turn into Michael Bennett. That’s just not happening. But I do think scheme, team and environment can make a big difference for veteran players. I’d be shocked if Curry isn’t better than he was last year. Then again, that’s setting the bar pretty low.

I’m okay with Curry coming back. One issue I do have is that the DL needs some young talent. I hope the Eagles still take a DE in the upcoming draft. They don’t have to go for a DE in the first round, but they need another young pass rusher to add to the mix.


Only $4.5m guaranteed? That’s cheap for a talented starting CB.

Darby is going to have a chip on his shoulder this year. That’s peanuts compared to what he was expecting to make.

That chip could be good or bad. Is he gambling to make plays to boost his stock? Does he play his best football?


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