Impact Players

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The first day of NFL offseason action turned out to be pretty wild, especially for the Eagles. Here a Jackson, there a Jackson. Everywhere a Jackson.


Over the weekend, I thought a lot about different moves the Eagles might make. I would list out some pro moves and some draft picks. The names all made good sense. They had the right combination of talent, age, price and fit.

But something occurred to me on Sunday night. Howie Roseman wasn’t just looking for names. He would be looking for impact players. And that’s exactly what he delivered.

Malik Jackson is one of the best interior pass rushers in the league. He is a disruptive player. Jim Schwartz’s defense is based on defensive linemen getting upfield and making plays. From that standpoint, this is an ideal fit.

Eagles DTs not named Fletcher Cox produced 3.5 sacks last year. They were credited with 11 QB hits. Jackson, who had an off year, had 3.5 sacks and 12 QB hits. That should give you an idea that he can make a real difference for the Eagles defense. If you double-team Cox, Jackson can make you pay. And pressure up the middle can be devastating.

As for DeSean Jackson, he brings elite speed to an offense that was slow in 2018. The Eagles had 52 receptions of 20 or more yards. They had 9 receptions of 40 or more yards. Jackson had 5 catches of 40 or more yards. To be fair, so did Nelson Agholor. But Agholor averaged 11.5 yards per reception. He was boom or bust, and that also tells you there was probably more luck involved with his total. Jackson averaged 18.9 yards per reception. He delivered big plays on a regular basis. One of every three catches went for 20 or more yards.

Jackson’s speed on the outside can open up the middle of the field for Ertz, Goedert, Jeffery and anyone else running a pass route. Jackson’s mere presence on the field has an impact. Andre Waters used to say that Wes Hopkins had an effect on receivers just by walking out there. They knew to keep their eyes on number 48 or he would make them pay. The flip side of that is DBs needing to know where Jackson is. If they hesitate or blink, he’s gone. Speed kills.

The Eagles weren’t done with just the Jacksons.

This deal works for both sides. The Eagles get to keep their starting LT, but have some protection in case he’s hurt. Peters gets to stay put. And if he’s healthy, he’ll make $10M. He could have made more on the open market, but that would have meant a new team and new city for Peters. He wants to be with the Eagles. He wants to win big in Philly.

This move buys time for Jordan Mailata to show what he can do. The Eagles think he can be the LT of the future, but that’s still a guess right now. They need to see more of Mailata in action.

The Eagles talked about bringing in some competition for Sudfeld, but if they’re paying him that much, the competition is likely to be a cheap veteran (Mike Glennon, Brandon Weeden or someone like that).

This could mean a few things. First, the Eagles could be hoping to trade Agholor so by leaking this they make it seem like he’s a player they do want to keep around. That would increase his value.

Or they could genuinely want to keep him. Agholor making $9.5M to be the #3 receiver seems crazy. But they could look at him as an insurance policy. If anything happens to DeSean or Alshon, Agholor can step up and help offset the loss. He’s not as good a player as them, but knows the offense and is a productive receiver.

The Eagles overpaid Mychal Kendricks to be the #3 LB a couple of years ago and that turned out to be a good move. He helped them win the Super Bowl.

Wiz gave them a player who could start at C or G. The Eagles can play Isaac Seumalo at C or G as well. But they may want to add a veteran to challenge for a roster spot. They do like young OL Matt Pryor, although he’s a G or T. He would not play C.

The Eagles could also add an OL early in the draft.

We’ll have to see if any other rumors leak on the subject in the coming days.


Great news. For Foles and the Eagles. That much money means the Eagles will almost certainly get a third round comp pick in 2020.

That is one heckuva start to the offseason for the Eagles. Crazy day.

Put simply, the Eagles are better than they were on Monday morning.