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Free agency is getting closer. No moves can be official until Wednesday, but we’ve still got rumors. Some of you will love this one.

And here is the latest update from the NFL Network.

The Bucs need cap room so DeSean is going to be cut, traded or get a restructured deal. It sounds like he really wants out so the new deal doesn’t seem likely.

DeSean wants to come to Philly. We know Eagles fans want him back.

What about the Eagles?

This is where things get complicated. The narrative is seen as Big Bad Chip Kelly running DeSean out of town back in 2014. The truth is that Chip didn’t make that move all on his own. DeSean had his share of detractors in the Eagles organization. While DeSean is an impact player for three hours on Sunday, there are 168 hours n a week. Those other 165 hours are where he can be a handful to deal with at times.

A lot of time has passed since then. The Eagles have changed. DeSean has changed. But this isn’t a slam dunk. There are still people in the building who don’t like him. And DeSean can still be frustrating to deal with.

That said, he would be ideal for the Eagles offense. They need someone who can make plays, but isn’t a volume receiver. DeSean doesn’t need to be targeted 10 times a game to be effective. He can be part of the gameplan, but not the focus of it.

Having him run go routes on a regular basis would stretch the defense and open things up for Zach Ertz, Alshon Jeffery, Dallas Goedert and other Eagles wide receivers (unsure about them right now).

I’m sure the Eagles are thinking long and hard about this move. Do they want DeSean? If so, do they try to trade for him or wait for him to be cut?

I don’t have a good feel for this situation. There really are strong arguments to be made both ways. Doug Pederson was with the Eagles in 2011 and 2012 as a low-level assistant. He has seen what DeSean can do on the field. But he also saw DeSean do some questionable things in those seasons. DeSean wanted a new contract and avoided contact like I avoid salads. There were times when DeSean drove you crazy.

But that speed…that just might be too much to pass up. The Eagles need more weapons on offense. And DeSean is absolutely a weapon.

This will be an interesting scenario to follow.


Legal tampering begins at noon.

I’m sure there will be some good Eagles rumors out there.


I don’t like this at all.

I want Nick Foles to get a good deal from JAX to help the Eagles get a comp pick next year. I don’t want the Jags trying to sign both. That would hurt Foles deal.

And I have interest in Tannehill as a backup for the Eagles.


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