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So I posted my mock draft yesterday. That led to some good comments and questions.

Many of you think I’m nuts for having Chauncey Gardner-Johnson in the second round. And you might be right. He could be gone by then. The Eagles are showing interest in a lot of safeties. CGJ isn’t the only guy who could fit in that spot. Put another safety in there if it makes you happy.

When it comes to understanding value prior to the draft, all you can do is try to be reasonable. We know Josh Jacobs isn’t going to be a fourth round pick. That’s just not happening. Does he go in the 20’s or down in the 40’s? We don’t know that. Putting CGJ in the second round isn’t unreasonable. He could drop that far. Remember that every year there are players who go at places we don’t expect.


Initially I wanted a DT in the first round. But then I wanted to see how things would go if the Eagles took an OL in that spot. What I found out is that there might not be great options at DT in the late second round. That’s based on my look at things. Rather than force the issue, I focused on talent and fit. The Eagles clearly have interest in adding a S so I went with CGJ. As for Boykin, he just seems exactly like what the Eagles want in a WR so I put him there.


Some of you wondered if Chris Lindstrom is worth a first round pick. To me, yes. I don’t know what NFL teams think. I see a guy who has very few holes in his game. He can play G, C or even RT.

That is Lindstrom at RT going against a guy who could very well be a Top 20 pick this year. Don’t think of his as just a G. Lindstrom is versatile, which the Eagles really like.


Some of you questioned why there is not OT in this mock. The Eagles feel strongly about Jordan Mailata. I think one of the reasons they brought Jason Peters back is to give Mailata one more year of work so they can decide whether to take a chance on him at LT. If Peters goes down this year, Big V would likely hit the field, but it is possible Mailata could win the backup role. He showed tremendous growth last summer. Now that he’s been around a year, I’m excited as heck to see what he can do.

The Eagles are checking out OTs, but more G/T types than pure LTs.

The Eagles have one of the best, if not the best, OT situations in the league. There just isn’t a need to add a pure OT right now.


I’m doing research every night. I just stumbled upon a player the Eagles are checking out…LB Emeke Egbule. This kid is fun to watch.

Please understand that is all highlights so it presents a skewed look at things. But man, you can see the kid’s ability.

He is a gifted pass rusher. This dude can line up at DE and drive OTs backward.

He can cover. Egbule gets good depth on his drops and looks comfortable in space.

The thing that really stood out to me…he’s violent. Egbule has some real pop when he hits. I love LBs that have that trait.

Egbule is probably more of a 4-3 SAM, but he could be a possibility as a MLB when you play so much Nickel in the modern game.


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