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The Eagles should trade up to get Ed Oliver.

No, the Eagles should move back and take the best DT left. They could use another mid-round pick.

The Eagles should just stay put. There will be good value at 25.

Those are the three options facing Howie Roseman and the Eagles front office. What will they do? What should they do?

Obviously it is difficult to come up with a definitive strategy right now. You can have a pre-draft plan, but you don’t know how things will unfold until the picks start coming off the board. If the right player falls down to a reasonable range, moving up suddenly starts to look a lot better.

If several players you like are headed your way, just stay put. You’ll get one of your targets.

Trading back is the most complicated option. You are moving back to an area and projecting that a player you like will be available. You do add resources for later in the draft or in the future and that certainly has value.

Mike Kaye wrote a good piece on some draft options, going up and moving back.

Jeffrey Lurie talked at the owners meetings about the Eagles need for having a good amount of picks for this year and next year. The Eagles are going to need cheap talent when they hand Carson Wentz the big bucks. The team also needs younger replacements for the older guys on the roster.

With that in mind, is trading up even an option?

I still think it is. Teams are built on foundational players. You can find those guys anywhere in the draft. Neither Tom Brady nor Rob Gronkowski was a first round pick. Still, the bulk of your elite talent does come early in the draft. Aaron Donald, Jared Goff and Todd Gurley were all first round picks. Fletcher Cox, Carson Wentz and Brandon Graham…all first round picks.

I used Ed Oliver as an example earlier because he’s talked about a lot. The Eagles could have several guys they covet. They know they can’t move up inside the Top 10, but the Eagles do have enough ammo to make a bold move if they want to. I would hate to see the picks go, but if Howie & Co. feel that strongly about someone, I would get where they are coming from.

Let’s say they see DT Christian Wilkins from Clemson as another Fletcher Cox type of talent. Wouldn’t you want them to aggressively go get that guy? What if they project DE Montez Sweat to be another Ryan Kerrigan? What if they see OL Jonah Williams as a Zach Martin level of blocker?

Sometimes you look at the draft and you want volume. Rebuilding teams need bodies more than impact players. Sometimes you have a stable roster and you focus more on talent. The Eagles can go in either direction. The roster is good right now. That gives Roseman the freedom to react to what happens on draft night in different ways.

It will be very interesting to see what they do.


Speaking of Montez Sweat…let’s see what Franimal says.


Time to go to work.


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