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Contrary to published reports, Jim Schwartz and Mike Groh didn’t go missing while hiking through the deep jungles of Delaware. They were in a far more desolate place…assistant coach purgatory. NFL teams hide coordinators and assistants like a federal prosecutor would hide his key witness before a big mob trial.

Schwartz and Groh met with the media on Tuesday, offering their thoughts on the 2019 edition of the Philadelphia Eagles.

I know this will shock you, but neither coach said anything groundbreaking.

Schwartz talked a lot about new players and some returning players that are under the radar. He really praised LB Paul Worrilow for how hard he’s worked in coming back from his ACL injury. Beyond that, Worrilow has been a leader, helping other players who are on the mend. That doesn’t tell us if Worrilow can cover or tackle, but that kind of character is a big part of how an undrafted player from Delaware stays in the league seven years. Don’t bet against Worrilow when making your roster predictions.

Schwartz mentioned the return of Vinny Curry as an important move. Some people wonder about this move, but clearly Schwartz likes Curry. Is he as good a player as Michael Bennett? No. That doesn’t mean Curry can’t be a key part of the DE rotation.

It is good to hear Douglas mentioned positively. Maybe this will be the season when Douglas breaks through and wins a starting job. He’s been a productive player in the last two years.

As for Ridgeway, very encouraging to hear that. The Eagles are deep at DT, but you can never have enough good DL. Howie Roseman did mention the scouts have liked Ridgeway for a while now. Sounds like he’s been a good fit.

Several reporters asked about Sidney Jones. Schwartz talked about the up and down 2018 season. He pointed out that Jones can build on what went well, but he can also learn from his struggles. You aren’t going to last long in the NFL if you can’t handle some adversity.

Schwartz did stress that this is OTAs and not real football. You can learn from watching the players, but you need context. You aren’t judging them as football players right now. You are watching for specific traits or skills. There is value in that, but it isn’t “football”.

As for Groh, he had all kinds of good things to say. His side of the ball is really loaded.

Someone asked about how Wentz looks different than this time last year. Groh pointed out that Wentz wasn’t practicing a year ago. That sounds obvious and simple, but it really is a key point. Practice is crucial for QBs, especially young QBs. A full offseason for Wentz is huge.

Groh, and the rest of the Eagles staff, is genuinely excited by the return of Jackson. There are fast guys and then there are guys like Jackson. Torrey Smith could stretch a defense. Jackson is one of those rare players who can run by anybody and just destroy a defense. Coaches love having a weapon like that.

Groh said he learned a lot from last year. Any time you get a promotion, you’ll be learning on the fly. Add in the injuries and being defending Super Bowl champs and you have one challenging season for a rookie OC. The challenge now is putting those lessons to good use.

The toughest task for Groh will be taking advantage of all the weapons. The Eagles are loaded at RB, WR and TE. Nobody will catch 100 passes this year. Guys are going to have to share the ball. The players were great about that in 2017. Let’s hope this group can be the same way.


There are a ton of pass plays this time of year. You need plenty of WRs to help keep everyone fresh.

And I can say without hyperbole that I heard Ross is a combination of Jerry Rice and Calvin Johnson.

Shocking, I know. Sounds like a pretty good signing to me.


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