Douglas on the Move?

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The Eagles have done a great job of acquiring good pieces this offseason, but they might be about to lose one. The Jets fired GM Mike Maccagnan today, giving coach Adam Gase control for now. Gase needs a personnel man to help him run the team.


Going to the Jets would give Douglas the chance to be the top personnel guy for the first time in his career. That’s absolutely a goal of his. He would be joining a team with a talented young QB and some good pieces in place.

But this isn’t a sure thing.

There is the question of control. Who would control the 53-man roster? Douglas would likely want to control the roster, but Gase might also want that. Douglas and Gase are friends from their time together in Chicago in 2015 so this might not be an issue at all.

There is the question of structure. Douglas spent most of his career working for the Ravens and Eagles, two teams with defined power structures and strong ownership. The Jets don’t exactly match either description.

There is the Jets factor. This organization has had one winning season in the current decade. Douglas wants to be a GM, but he has to wonder if this is the right job.

If things do work out and Douglas heads to NY, that would hurt the Eagles. The team has built up a deep scouting staff and front office so this wouldn’t be devastating, but Douglas is a veteran scout and good football mind. He could take Andy Weidl with him, or possibly some scouts. It is possible that Weidl would want to stay and step into Douglas’ current role. Or that could go to Andrew Berry, who the team hired back in February. The Eagles will have some good options.

While I’m sure Douglas wants the position, he does have to decide if this is the right fit. Usually, you only get one chance to be a GM. If things don’t work out, you go back to being a senior scout or some other semi-executive role.

We should get answers pretty soon.


Joseph had done an excellent job for the Eagles in recent years. The team made a lot of good signings, some involving big money and others involving cheap veterans who proved to be excellent value and sometimes even outstanding players. Patrick Robinson and Chris Long are the standouts here.

We’ll have to wait to see who takes over as the head of Pro Scouting.


We do know Max Gruder will be involved.


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