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The signing of QB Cody Kessler seemed to really confuse some people. One idea thrown around is that this was some kind of panic move by the Eagles because Carson Wentz wasn’t healthy. Sometimes people connect dots that just aren’t there.

The Kessler signing really wasn’t that complicated.

So Kessler is in and Luis Perez is out.

The Eagles have a lot of faith in Nate Sudfeld. They obviously liked Clayton Thorson enough to draft him.

But the coaches and front office wanted some kind of veteran to push Sudfeld and Thorson. The Eagles didn’t see the right guy in free agency. Rather than just sign someone, they were patient. They picked up Perez when the AAF folded and gave him a chance.

Once Kessler was released, the Eagles let go of Perez and signed Kessler. He is a young veteran that can challenge for a roster spot. Nothing more, nothing less. If Kessler has a great summer, he could win the backup job over Sudfeld. That isn’t likely to happen, but it is possible.

The Eagles wanted competition. Now they have it, with Sudfeld, Thorson and Kessler fighting for roster spots and playing time.


Roob has a good story on Blake Countess and his contract.

The Eagles are brilliant when it comes to creatively structuring deals. They find a way to give the player something, while also leaving the team in a favorable situation.

You have to be careful with this. Back in the 2000-2004 era, the Eagles would re-sign young players to favorable deals. The players would see they were being underpaid and this led to some awkward situations, most notably John Welbourn forcing his way out of Philly.

The Eagles seem to do a better job of keeping players happy these days.


BGN has a good piece up on the Eagles making the playoffs and winning a game despite having an incredibly banged up team.

Doug Pederson took a lot of heat in the middle of the season, but he really did a masterful job in retrospect.

And anyone questioning Jim Schwartz…you just aren’t giving the man the credit he deserves.


Man, Mike Quick was a long-strider who could really eat up some ground. What a play.

And I do love those uniforms. What a great look…


Gibson is a big, physical blocker. I don’t think he’s got the athleticism needed to play in the NFL, but the Eagles wanted another body to add to the mix up front.


Some of you wondered why I didn’t have Stefen Wisniewski penciled in at RG when I did a depth chart for the O-line.

If the Eagles were playing a game tomorrow, clearly he would have that job. I listed him as the backup C to look at the guys who are likely to compete for playing time at RG until Brandon Brooks comes back. This is the time of year to give young guys reps so you can see what they do.

The Eagles know what Wiz can do at OG. Big V is unproven as a guard and Matt Pryor is still a mystery. I’m sure the Eagles want to know more about them as potential RGs.


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