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The draft and UDFA signings dominated the last week or so, but we have some pro moves to talk about.

As crazy as this sounds, I haven’t written about the re-signing of Tim Jernigan yet. The Eagles signed him last week and that was a great move. Fletcher Cox and Malik Jackson are both at their best rushing the passer. You want them as the 3-tech DT, away from the natural double-team. Jernigan is the NT type, the guy who can take on the double-team.

By signing Jernigan, you add excellent depth. He is a good starter so having him come off the bench gives you a deep DL. Even better, you can play Jernigan with either Cox or Jackson. You can mix and match the three of them based on the situation.

Cox played too many snaps last year. He’s a stud and you want him on the field a lot, but you still are better off getting him some rest. Jernigan can start, come off the bench or just be situational. He can do whatever you need.

Coaches, players and front office people have all talked about Jernigan’s personality and how his presence has value in the locker room and on the field. Once it became clear other teams weren’t going to throw big cash his way, I’m glad Jernigan re-signed. If he is healthy this year, maybe someone will give him a big deal next March.

You have to wonder if Howie Roseman and Joe Douglas started to get the feeling the DL were going to be gone by pick 25. Signing Jernigan right before the draft can’t be a coincidence.


The Eagles bolstered their depth at DT with the trade for Hassan Ridgeway. But wait…with the addition of Jernigan and the presence of Treyvon Hester and Bruce Hector, was there really a need for Ridgeway?


The Eagles now have six DTs they like.




I’m guessing at that order, but it’s close if not perfect. The Eagles want six DTs because they will be battling for four or five spots. There are UDFAs, but most of those guys are long shots. You hope they pan out, but don’t count on them.

The point is that you need depth and competition. You have to get through minicamps, Training Camp and the preseason. You need at least six guys you believe in to battle their way through that. It would be great if all six played well and made the Eagles face a really tough choice. History says that isn’t likely to happen. Someone will underachieve or get hurt.

Howie Roseman said the Eagles have had their eye on Ridgeway for a couple of years. They must like his combination of size, strength, skill and athleticism. He’s not great in any of those areas, but isn’t terrible either. He’s another guy that fits the NT role.


Igwebuike was a rookie last year and spent time with the Bucs and Niners. I had him rated as a late round target.

Once again, the Eagles wanted depth. Igwebuike is a young player with some experience, some talent and some upside. You throw him into the mix and see what happens.

Malcolm Jenkins
Rodney McLeod

Andrew Sendejo
Tre Sullivan

Deiondre’ Hall
Godwin Igwebuike

Avonte Maddox or some other CB could be in the mix here, but for now, these are the key names.


The Eagles still have plenty of cap room. They can go sign other players. They could add a veteran DE since it seems like Chris Long is done in Philly. The Eagles could add a veteran G/C type. They brought in a lot of interesting UDFAs, but do you trust those guys to protect Carson Wentz if needed? Maybe.

The Eagles could still go for a LB. I like Zach Brown and Josh Bynes.

The Eagles are not in a rush. They can make the moves they want.


No shocker here.

I can’t wait to see Wentz in action this year. I think too many people have forgotten just how amazing he was for most of 2017.


We’ll be back to draft/UDFA talk tomorrow. Lots of angles to cover.


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