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Carson Wentz was rehabbing a torn ACL at this time last year. That injury cost him lots of offseason work and even a couple of regular season starts. Wentz broke his back last season, but this injury has healed better and shouldn’t slow him down too much this spring and summer.

Fingers crossed.

Wentz played at an elite level in 2017. One of the reasons for that is that he had a full offseason of work. Wentz was ready to go when September rolled around. He had great chemistry with his receivers, both within the offense and when freelancing.

Wentz was more up and down in 2018. He didn’t play at all in the preseason. He was limited in Training Camp. Wentz missed the first two games. When he finally returned, Wentz wasn’t the same. This wasn’t a question of talent, but something was off. Whether it was timing, decision-making, chemistry with the receivers or not being completely in sync with the coaching staff, something was off.

Practice matters.

The Eagles need Wentz to return to his 2017 form for the offense to get back to being one of the best units in the league. In order to do that, Wentz needs to be on the field practicing with his teammates.

Wentz has never thrown a pass to DeSean Jackson or J.J. Arcega-Whiteside. He hasn’t thrown a pass to Mack Hollins in about a year. Wentz hasn’t played with Jordan Howard or Miles Sanders. Practice reps can make a huge difference.

AI might disagree, but football and basketball are very different sports. Practice is the foundation for gameday success in the NFL.

Wentz has to be incredibly excited to get on the field. This is the most offensive talent he’s ever had around him. Who wouldn’t want to be out there calling plays and slinging the rock to DeSean, Alshon, Zach and the rest of the crew?

And Wentz is a very driven, ultra-competitive player. Sitting and watching had to be killing him last December and January. That’s two years in a row now. You know Wentz wants to be on the field as soon as he can and as much as he can.


Chip Kelly had some interesting theories on football, but they didn’t work all that well in the NFL.

Doug Pederson has embraced some of Kelly’s ideas, but has married them with a traditional football background. Pederson understands that offense and defense work together. You don’t want to neglect one side of the ball.

By controlling the clock on offense, the Eagles have protected their defense. That has helped the team win a lot of games.

I feel confident in saying this…Doug Pederson is a better coach than Chip Kelly. There is your hot take for the day.


Let’s hope this team stays healthy this year. That really does make all the difference in the world.


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