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The Eagles are having a rookie minicamp this weekend. There are a few non-rookies, but these are still young players. What is going on? A lot of teaching. Players are learning the scheme. They are getting a tutorial in fundamentals.

These are non-contact practices and none of them really know the schemes so this is nothing like Training Camp. This is very basic football.

College coaches do a terrific job with kids, but they have serious time limits and have to focus on winning games. NFL coaches can teach on a more in-depth level. These coaches are the best of the best and they know every little trick in the book. If you could watch the practices, you would probably find them boring. But they do have value for the young players. These guys need every rep possible.


Liggins is a big, athletic CB. He went to a small school (Dickinson State) and those guys always have an uphill battle. Liggins has legit size and speed. We don’t know if he has NFL ability. We’ll find that out. He’s certainly the kind of prospect you want to spend some time trying to develop. The scrappy Big Ten corner with okay size and okay athleticism is available every year for eternity. Take a chance on the player with a great size/speed combo, especially when he’s only scratching the surface of his potential.

This note from Bo Wulf is hilarious. And very, very frightening.

We have to pray that worst case scenario doesn’t happen.


Sounds like Big V will get some time at OG.

Sounds like Dillard will focus on LT and Mailata will play both LT and RT.

Just hints at this point. We’ll have to wait until the players actually get on the field to find out for sure.


These guys are long shots. But a couple of quick thoughts…

The Eagles worked out DT Mike Ramsasy in the spring of 2018. He had 5.5 sacks as a senior at Duke and is a good 1-gap DT. Scheme fit. Is he athletic enough?

Nick Linder has played G and C. The Eagles are wide open in those spots. Linder was impressive at the Shrine Game.

In case you are worried about the lack of WVa rookies, Jovon Durante played there for three years before finishing his career at FAU.

Weston Steelhammer spent the last two years serving a commitment to the Air Force.

Asantay Brown spent some time with the Eagles last year so he knows his way around.


Interesting to see this. The Eagles are wide open at PR. Arcega-Whiteside wasn’t a returner in college, but things are different in the NFL. There are only 53 roster spots. Everybody has to do as much as possible.

I don’t think JJAW has the elusiveness to be a good PR, but give him a shot. Let’s see how he does.


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