To Pay Or Not To Pay

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This has been a very positive offseason for the Eagles. Carson Wentz is healthy. There is depth and talent up and down the roster. Life is pretty darn good.

There is only one real issue.

And from Monday…

No end in sight.


From Jenkins perspective, he is no longer among the highest paid safeties in the league and that’s not right. Jenkins led the Eagles in tackles and FFs in 2018. He added a sack, an INT and 8 pass break-ups. He didn’t miss a snap on defense and even played on STs. Beyond all that, he feels like the heart and soul of the team.

This is the kind of guy you want to pay. So what’s the problem?

My guess, the Eagles are concerned about this setting a precedent.

If you pony up some extra PBR and Funyons money to Jenkins, what is to stop Fletcher Cox, Zach Ertz or Lane Johnson from asking for more? One of the problems with having a lot of good players is that you have to pay a lot of good players. That’s not easy.

Howie Roseman and the front office have done a great job in building a roster that players want to be part of. That means you don’t have to overpay to sign players. Brandon Graham didn’t hold out for top dollar. Rodney McLeod took a pay cut to stay.

Rewarding players who have out-performed their deals gets tricky. You want to do the right thing, but you also don’t want other players asking for more money. That’s a good way to hurt the culture on a team and to create roster problems.

I’m sure Roseman and the Eagles are trying to figure out a way to take care of Jenkins. They do have to be careful. If you give in too quickly and easily, that can send a dangerous signal. And this makes me wonder about Cyprien coming in for a workout. Is this a signal to Jenkins that the Eagles are going to play hardball? This could just be a move from the Eagles to make it look like they aren’t going to just hand Jenkins his money.

It really will be interesting to see how this plays out.

I don’t blame Jenkins for trying to get as much money as he can. He’s trying to set himself and his family up for life. And Jenkins only has so many years left. He’ll turn 32 in December.

I also don’t blame the Eagles for hesitating on this. Handing out raises in the NFL can lead to a lot of issues.

My guess is that Jenkins does get a raise. I don’t know when it will happen, but I think he and the Eagles will work something out. The key is that Jenkins is still wanted and he still wants to be here. The details can be worked out.


As to Cyprien, he was cut by the Titans this offseason.

Cyprien hasn’t been much of a playmaker in his career, but he’s been an effective starter.

He is good in the box, but isn’t as good in coverage as Jenkins.

Jimmy brought up an interesting point. The Eagles could look at Cyprien as a LB. We know they like taking college safeties and turning them into LBs. Why not take a pro safety and try that?


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