Wentz Deal is Official

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Jeffrey Lurie and Carson Wentz met the media on Monday to talk about the new deal between Wentz and the Eagles.

Lurie kept it short and sweet, focusing on how much the Eagles like Wentz and how they’ve been committed to him since the first meeting back in Fargo.

Wentz gave some quick remarks and then fielded questions. The highlights:

He loves the Eagles organization and wanted to be here long term.

He loves the city of Philadelphia. Some of this is PR, but I also think Wentz is genuine with how much he loves the fanbase and the area. His personality might be a bit awkward in Los Angeles or Miami or New York. He wouldn’t be as natural in New Orleans or San Francisco. Philly really is a great fit for him and vice versa.

One of the things I liked most is what Wentz said about pressure.

Exactly right.

When you play QB, you get the glory. You also get the pressure. That’s a package deal. You can’t just have the good stuff.

Wentz not only understands this, he embraces it. The pressure to succeed is part of what makes him such a driven person. We’ve seen plenty of QBs have some success and then get caught up in the fun stuff. Wentz is naturally grounded.

There were some questions about the timing of the deal. Did Wentz consider waiting? He said that he wanted to get the deal done. He wanted to be an Eagle and the team wanted him to stay. The two sides worked hard to find common ground and get the deal done. Right now, this is a happy marriage.

He might have a big contract now, but Wentz remains very hungry. He was asked to look back and the highs and lows of the previous three years. Wentz said he preferred to focus on the future. He talked about how talented the team is and how they’ve got a chance to do something special.

While Michael Vick had his Ron Mexico alias, I don’t expect we’ll be seeing Donnie Dakota anytime soon. Wentz isn’t guided by money. He’s obsessed with football and winning, partly due to chasing the postseason legend of Nick Foles.

Wentz is all in.



Joe knows a thing or two about contracts.

Roseman and Banner are both outstanding negotiators. From an outsider’s perspective, it seems like Roseman has a way of making the player and agent feel really good about the deal. Banner came across as more competitive, as if he were trying to win deals.

To be fair, Banner had plenty of satisfied players and agents. At the same time, it sure seemed like more guys got upset back then than they do now. Maybe that’s just changing times.


We know one current Eagle isn’t happy.


Let’s hope Roseman and Jenkins can work something out that is fair to both sides.


Speaking of Roseman…

About what we expected to hear.


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