Randall to Fred

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Randall Cunningham was the Ultimate Weapon. Fred Barnett was simply Arkansas Fred. Together, they were a deadly duo and a ton of fun to watch.

This was a magical connection that brought me a lot of joy.


And of course, one of the greatest plays in NFL history.

Another angle.


The West Coast Offense was the death of these two.

Jon Gruden arrived in 1995 and he brought the WCO with him. That meant more short, quick throws for Randall and more crossing routes for Fred. That’s like asking Jimmy Bama to quit being obnoxious and me to live on salads only. Ain’t gonna happen.

Randall struggled with Gruden’s concepts and tough coaching. Fred looked lost while trying to run over the middle again and again. 1995 was the last season in Philly for both of them.

Randall bounced around and then had his magical season with the Vikings in 1998.

Fred went to the Dolphins as a free agent. A knee injury ended his career. He had torn an ACL back in 1993 so the second one proved too much. Speed receivers need…speed. And Fred had just turned 30 so that didn’t help matters.

The Eagles have had their share of dynamic QBs and explosive receivers, but my favorite connection is absolutely Randall to Fred.


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