Eagles Add a McQB

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The Eagles finally decided enough was enough. When was Nate Sudfeld going to be healthy? How bad was Cody Kessler’s concussion? Were either of them truly ready to be the primary backup for a Super Bowl contender.

This isn’t a casual relationship. The Eagles are paying McCown $2M, fully guaranteed. He could earn up to $5.4M with incentives. Josh McCown is now the backup QB. Sudfeld drops back to the #3 spot. You have to think Kessler will get released.

What about Clayton Thorson? He’s coming off a promising performance. He was probably feeling good about himself and now he’s looking at the practice squad. I can’t imagine the Eagles would consider keeping four QBs on the roster.

McCown is 40 years old and he’s played for seven teams. This nugget puts McCown into good perspective.


The Eagles are getting a smart, veteran player. He started at least three games every year between 2013-2018. He started 13 games for the Jets in 2017 and finished with a passer rating of 94.5. If something were to happen to Carson Wentz, McCown is a guy who can step in and get the job done. He has the ability and the experience.

Frankly, I’m surprised the Eagles didn’t make a move prior to this. Kessler hasn’t done much to impress anyone in Training Camp. He certainly hasn’t impressed me with his preseason play. At a certain point, you have to admit your mistake and move on. The Eagles have finally done that.

McCown has been a starter and backup. He can step in to finish a game or take over as QB for a month. He’s faced just about everything in his 237-year NFL career.

There is added value with McCown. He can help young QBs like Wentz and Sudfeld. McCown has seen just about every defense possible. He has played in just about every scheme possible. McCown has been coached by Mike Martz in multiple stops. He’s worked with veteran offensive coordinators like Rich Olson and Aaron Kromer. He played for former college coaches Jeff Tedford and Lane Kiffin when they were in the NFL. He also played for some guy named John DeFilippo a couple of years ago.

There is real value in having a veteran in the QB room. The coaches have plenty of knowledge and experience, but a veteran player brings something they can’t. He can be a bridge between the young players and the coaches. He speaks both languages. Chase Daniel was good for Wentz in 2016. Nick Foles was good the past two years. McCown takes that role for 2019.

I can’t promise you that McCown will play like Foles if he gets on the field, but you at least feel like he gives you a chance to win. This will easily be the best team McCown has ever played on. Previously that would be the 2008 Panthers who went 12-4. If McCown does have to play, he can do his job and there should be enough talent to win games. McCown won’t have to be something he’s not.

I’ve always thought of McCown as a pocket passer with good size (6-4, 220), but it appears he’s more athletic than I remember.

That’s more than a decade ago, but still…wow. How did I not know about that?


I want to update one bit from my previous post. I talked about Jordan Mailata starting at OT in 2020.

Mailata had some great moments and a few bad ones. He’s got to be starting at OT in 2020, right? At some point, you have to put this guy on the field and let him show what he can do.

You notice the question mark there. This wasn’t me trying to push the greatness of Mailata. That’s Brian Baldinger’s job. I didn’t say he should be the Eagles LT. This comment was more about enthusiasm for a young player who has enormous potential. With another year of practice and another offseason, I think he’ll be ready to be on the field.

That’s my perspective. I have no idea if the Eagles agree.

The Eagles could consider replacing Lane Johnson with Mailata after this year. They could trade Mailata for a pick or a player. We know other teams are desperate for OT help. The Eagles could also be greedy and just keep him as a backup for another season.

From my perspective, I just want to see him on the field. I want to find out what he can do. Mailata could turn out to be a major disappointment or he could be really good. There is risk, but that’s true with all young players.

Mailata isn’t ready right now, but he’s headed in the right direction.


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