PS Game Review – TEN 27, PHI 10

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Nobody cares about the overall game very much so let’s get right to the players.

Preseason opener

Sudfeld – Injury late in the half ruined a strong showing. Good touch on deep ball to JJAW. Good mobility. Able to feel pressure and get away from it. Hit JJAW while on the move to his right. Accurate. Kept his eyes downfield while on the move. Poor throw on simple pass play to Johnson. Sloppy with his feet and that likely caused off-target throw. Hit Michel with a perfect pass for 75-yd TD. Great touch and accuracy on that throw. Showed the ability to put the ball high or low, depending on what was best for the receiver on a given play. That’s the kind of accuracy and ball control you want to see. Don’t always aim for the body. Put it where it helps the receiver and avoids the defender. Used Goedert and JJAW’s size well when they were covered.

Kessler – Finished up the 1st half and played the 3rd Qtr. Not great, to put it mildly. Showed good mobility. Arm strength is a major issue. 3 for 6 for 12 yards.

Thorson – Had Pump wide open for easy catch and threw the ball at his feet. Hit Thompkins over the middle, but he couldn’t hold onto the ball. Next pass was bad overthrow for INT. Poor decision, worse throw. Threw a strike to Agudosi that went through his hands. Good accuracy and velocity on that throw. Was looking down the field on several throws. You do like the aggressive mentality. Overthrew a shallow receiver on 4th/1. Didn’t play well, but also didn’t get any help from his receivers. Good arm. Aggressive mentality. Those are your best positives from the game.


Sanders – Good blitz pick-up. Actual block was good. Sanders and Big V weren’t on the same page about who should get who. That stuff can get worked out. Sanders saw the blitz and got one of the rushers. Only 3-3 as a runner. Didn’t have much room to work with.

Adams – Bobbled pass in the flat. Needs to catch that cleanly and get upfield. Had a good play late in the half. Chipped DE, went to the flat, caught pass and ran out of bounds. Got 9 yds on the play. Fumbled on a run up the middle on the next play. Ugh. Not good enough to get away with that.

Smallwood – Ran hard. Fought for every inch like his job depended on it (likely does). Dropped a couple of catchable passes. Also caught 2 passes.

Pumphrey – Leading rusher with 11 yards. Didn’t stand out physically. Played late.


JJAW – Played to his size, which is what you want from a big WR. Good speed. Adjusted to the ball well. Almost made diving catch on opening drive. Did make diving catch on later drive. Went up for catch over the middle in the mid-2nd. Extended for the ball and made the grab. Good debut.

M Michel – Long TD. Got a step on Adoree Jackson (starting CB) and Sudfeld hit him with a strike. Took it to the house. False start in the 3rd Qtr.

C Johnson – Dropped short pass in the flat. Wasn’t able to haul in a pass late in the half. DB broke it up. CJ needs to make plays like that.

Thompkins – Caught quick screen in the 3rd Qtr, but couldn’t get enough for the 1st down. Dropped 4th down pass on crossing route.

Agudosi – Failed to catch pass over the middle. Looked like he slowed down to avoid contact. Not ideal for someone trying to impress the coaches.


Goedert – 3-50. Looked great. Got open. Smooth hands. Tough to tackle. Don’t need to see anything more from him.

Perkins – Caught short pass over the middle late in the half. Showed some RAC ability.

A Ellis – Made impressive tackle after INT. Called for holding on a pass play. Called for OPI on pass play. Played hard. Just needs to settle down.


Dillard – Started at LT and played a lot. Very good feet. Looked natural at LT. Got pushed back in pass pro. Must set stronger. Gets off the ball well on runs. Can get to the 2nd level, but needs to be better on LBs. Must sustain those blocks. Unusually smart for rookie OL. Understands importance of positioning and angles. Perfect on a screen, getting the DE to come inside and leaving the edge wide open. Smooth in pass pro. Patient when he needs to be. Some young OL panic. Dillard looks like he’s been doing this for years. Very impressive.

Pryor – Played LG and LT. Sloppy with hands. Good awareness on stunt. Big, powerful blocker. Comes off the ball well on run plays. Missed with his hands on a couple of plays at LG and DL beat him easily. His feet tend to freeze and then all he can go is grab or reach. Needs to be more aggressive on screens. Go hit somebody. Did a good job on a stunt late in the half. Shifted to LT in the 3rd Qtr. Called for 3 penalties in the game. Love his size. Love the versatility. Has real potential. Needs to be more consistent.

Big V – Played RG. Plays with good pad level. Wide base. Able to re-set if he’s moved back initially. Wasn’t getting much push in the run game. Real good combo block on run late in the half. Got movement on that play. Solid showing.

Mailata – Played RT for 53 snaps. Anchors well. Extends arm into rusher. Gets too upright at times. Wins when he is able to get his hands on the defender. Just overpowers guys. Shows good potential with his kickslide. Needs to be better with his hands. Got a shot on a rusher who was almost by him and that affected the guy, but Mailata should have made contact before that. Good feet. Patient in pass pro (too patient at times). Can be overwhelming. Drove LB almost 10 yards off the ball on a run play. Struggles to understand who to block on some plays. Right now Mailata is winning with size and strength. Still needs a ton of work. Upside remains very high. If his brain ever catches up to his body, watch out. Physically gifted, but still learning the game.

Herbig – Played C in 2nd half. Got pushed back on first play. Needs to be quicker from snap to block. Needs to play with better awareness. Moved to RG late.

Fabiano – Played RG in 2nd half. Might help if he looked downfield on screens. Was looking backward on play that had a chance. Ugh.

Opeta – LG in the 2nd half. Beaten by DT for quick pressure on early play. Pushed back on run play.

K Render – Played C late in the game. 


V Curry – LDE. Set edge on run play. Got pressure on bootleg play and forced QB to throw the ball away. Strong. Good motor.

Sweat – Good motor. Chased down quick screen and made tackle. Created TFL by driving blocker backward. Still came off the ball slow on the play. Just that strong. Had real good pass rush late in the half. Fired off the ball and pressured the QB. Got solid shot on the QB in the early 3rd. Got great pressure on 3rd down play where Hall had his strip sack. Had moments where he looked really good. Too many plays where he doesn’t. Huge potential.

Malik Jackson – Got pressure on 3rd down. Just missed strip sack. Didn’t play much, but looked good when he was out there.

Ridgeway – Quick off the ball. Disruptive. Used hands/strength to get penetration and disrupt play-action pass, force QB to run. Impressed me. Got hurt by cut block and had to leave the game.

T Hester – Quick and powerful. Able to move blockers into the backfield. Disruptive on multiple plays. Looked good. Went low to blow up 4th down run. RB had nowhere to go and multiple Eagles got in on the stop. Hester made it happen by sacrificing his body.

B Hector – Solid showing, but didn’t flash like the other DTs. Looks thick. Read screen play and stopped upfield charge. Chased RB out wide and made the tackle. Very impressive. Got pressure on 3rd Qtr pass.

D Hall – Strong game. Played mostly LDE. Showed get-off, bend and power. Extended his hand into the OT and moved him back on several plays. Hit the QB multiple times. Got regular pressure. Used his hands to shed the RT and get to the RB in the backfield. Used hard inside move to beat TE and drew a holding call. Had strip sack on 3rd/long in the 2nd half. Good speed on that play. TFL vs run when he was unblocked. Almost had another sack. QB held the ball too long and then just got rid of it as Hall was about to hit him. Just missed another sack late in the game. I loved the fact that Hall was playing just as hard late as he did in the 1st half. Hurt his shoulder and left the game for a bit, but came back in and played through it. Love that kind of toughness. Really good showing for Hall. Legit candidate to be your #4 DE right now.

S Miller – Lost contain on bootleg play. Generally solid vs the run. Got a sack late in the half. QB fell down and Miller was first to get to him. Roughing the passer penalty at end of 3rd Qtr. Played both sides. Showed some get-off and has good shoulder dip. Didn’t stand out. Has an uphill battle to make this team.

Edebali – You could see he’s a veteran right away. Good spin move. Has some burst off the edge. Shed a block and shut down a run play. Got pressure on 3rd/11 and hit the QB as he threw. Active player.


Zach Brown – The disappointment of minicamp and Training Camp went away. Put him in a game and he woke up, started making plays. Credited with 3 tackles. Slipped block and tackled RB. Good coverage on RB who got wide and tried to get downfield. Covered well on several other plays.

N Gerry – Disappointing. Active in chasing the ball. Problem is that he doesn’t show any feel for things. Always seems to be late in reading/diagnosing plays. Hit a receiver as he was trying to make a grab right in front of Gerry. That was good zone coverage. Struggled vs play-action. Burned on short TD pass. Caught looking at the QB and TE got used that to get wide open. I need to write a post on Gerry. Not a natural LB and just hasn’t developed as expected.

LJ Fort – I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed watching Fort in this game. Really shocked me. Athleticism really stood out. Fast. Agile. Very light on his feet. Gave up short catch to WR, but almost broke up the pass. Got cut-blocked on multiple run plays. Did a good job of shedding blocks on some run plays. Used speed to make plays from side to side, but also to shoot into the backfield and be disruptive. Blitzed up the middle and got pressure on QB. Got a big and legal hit on WR on catch downfield. Love the physicality. Had great depth on his pass drop on that play. TE got behind him for TD late in the half, but looked like FS should have been deep on that. Had a couple of very effective blitzes late in the half. Just exploded into the backfield. Used a spin move on a blitz up the middle in the early 3rd. Went right by blocker and almost got the QB. Not sure I’ve ever seen that from a MLB. Fort’s speed stood out the whole game.

TJ Edwards – Played MLB and WLB. Really battled to get to the ball. Fired into the backfield, but missed TFL. Wasn’t an easy play. OL was hitting him. Did a good job of using his hands to battle blockers, but didn’t shed them as well as he needed to. Looked okay in coverage. Edwards is a natural LB and has potential. Needs experience. Looks like he could be ideal PS candidate.

Singleton – Played hard. More like Super Bowl than preseason. Had FF when he hit receiver over the middle and knocked the ball loose. Missed TFL late in the game. Hit the RB, but couldn’t make a clean tackle. Loved the effort, but didn’t show anything special in terms of ability.

A Brown – Good coverage on short throw to the flat. Tough, physical player. Didn’t really flash.


Maddox – Slot. Covered well on short routes. Plastered WR on downfield route. Had great coverage on 3rd/7. Undercut route. Looks ready to roll.

S Jones – LCB. Played early and looked good. Gave up one catch to his side, but not sure if that was on him or a busted zone or what. Good in man coverage. Healthy this summer and it shows.

Douglas – Didn’t see much from him and haven’t been able to watch All-22. Nothing critical to say.

Scandrick – Got his hands on pass in the early 3rd, but couldn’t make the pick. Smart veteran who knows how to play the slot.

McKinnon – Hit and tackled well. Great effort on play near the GL to keep someone from scoring. Struggled in coverage. Soft. Slow to react to ball. Beaten for TD in the 4th, but WR made an impressive catch.

Hawkins – Rough game. Called for leading with the helmet penalty. Burned deep on next play, but WR dropped a TD. Called for dumb illegal contact penalty. Just grabbed a WR 15 yds downfield. Good tackle to blow up 3rd/short run. Burned for TD in the 4th. Lost track of the WR. Ugh. All the TC buzz on him is gone.

A Harris– Blitzed off the edge on 4th down and got sack. Great effort on the play.

J Liggins – Stuffed a run play right at the LOS. Broke up a short pass on the next play. Let’s see more of him.


Sendejo – Good game. Played deep and in the box. Stuffed a run for short gain. Broke up a 4th down pass over the middle. Good anticipation, use of hands. Wasn’t out there a lot, but flashed when he did play.

Countess – Started. Moved around well and looked pretty good. Got hurt in the early 2nd Qtr.

Sullivan – Got beaten by TE for catch. Made poor tackle attempt on run up the middle. Whiffed and gave up a big play. Tried to blow up a RB with a big hit, but failed to make the tackle. Settled down after that, but didn’t stand out. Not the start to the preseason that Sullivan needed.

Cyprien – Broke up a pass late in the half. Got to the receiver just as the ball did and knocked it loose. Looked like he was out of position on TD late in the half. Let the TE run right by him. Physical hitter and tackler. Got better as the game went along. Seemed to play with more urgency. Hit and tackled well in the 2nd half. Seemed to settle down. Was better in coverage as well.

D Hall – Stuffed a run play. Strong tackle. Did that again later on. Good in the box.

Elston – TFL late in the game.



C Johnson – Good tackle in punt coverage.

Pumphrey – Lost the ball on KOR late in the half, but his arm was down so no fumble. Still not good. Had a 12-yd PR and averaged 23 yds on a pair of KORs.

Hester – Blocked PAT.

M Michel – Not smooth as returner.