Safety Shuffle

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If Peter was the rock upon which Jesus built his church, then Malcolm Jenkins is the rock up which Jim Schwartz will build his secondary. After Jenkins, things get wide open in a hurry.

This caught me off guard.

Rodney McLeod isn’t healthy yet, but is on the practice field and doing some things. It feels like he isn’t that far away.

Andrew Sendejo has gotten public praise from Doug Pederson multiple times in the past week or so. Sendejo won’t be mistaken for Brian Dawkins or Wes Hopkins anytime soon, but he is what you want in a number three safety.

Tre Sullivan is trying to build off 2018, when he played in 12 games and got better as the season went along. Blake Countess is making his second stop in Philly and is projected to be a key STer and backup DB. Unfortunately, he’s not been healthy recently.

The Eagles also had Trae Elston and Deiondre’ Hall. Those guys have some NFL experience. The cupboard at safety was far from bare.

But Howie Roseman saw a chance to add a talented player so he did it. Hello Mr. Cyprien.

Some speculated this move might have been made with Cyprien seen as a LB. And that is possible. But I think releaseing Igwebuike tells you that this is likely Cyprien coming to join the safeties.

Cyprien has enough size at 6-1, 211 that he could play some LB in certain sets. He has started 70 career games, playing for the Jags and Titans. He only has two career interceptions and 16 career pass deflections. To put that in perspective, Dawk had four INTs and 24 PDs in 1999. Clearly Cyprien isn’t much of a playmaker in the passing game.

He can be a good run defender and he certainly is a productive tackler. From 2013-2016, Cyprien had more than 100 total tackles in each year. Cyprien wasn’t as productive for the Titans in 2017 and then he got hurt last year. He tore his ACL and missed the season.

The Eagles worked Cyprien out recently so they think he’s good to go. They like the depth he brings and see him as good competition for the secondary.

As you start thinking about the final 53, it is tough to figure out safety. Jenkins is a lock. McLeod is a lock, assuming he doesn’t have an injury setback. It would be hard to imagine the Eagles cutting Sendejo after Pederson praised him. That could change if Sendejo stinks up the joint in the preseason.

Tre Sullivan has to be very nervous. The only advantage he’s got on Cyprien is age and cost.

Countess will make the team if he’s healthy. We’ll have to see what happens with that.

Cyprien could win a roster spot, but he’s far from a lock. He’ll have to show that he’s back from his ACL. Cyprien will also have to embrace STs. Backup safeties must play well on STs. I’m interested to see just what he can do.

It is a bit of an odd move in the sense that Schwartz likes interchangeable safeties. Cyprien is much better in the box than he is playing back in space. Still, he is a talented, experienced player and those guys can be worth taking a chance on.

I do not see this being a Patrick Robinson type of move. Robinson had played at a high level at times in his past. Injuries killed his value. Cyprien has been an up and down player in his career.


Howie Roseman never stops looking. Most people think the Eagles have one of the best rosters in the league. Why isn’t some mid-level team going after Cyprien? The Eagles are aggressive and willing to take chances.

One reason Howie and the Eagles can do that…they aren’t afraid to fail.

If you only make “safe” deals, you’ll never go anywhere in this league. You must roll the dice on some players.


Gunn says LeBlanc could be back in September, or he could be gone until November. Yikes.

Lisfranc sprains heal differently in different players.

This is good news for Orlando Scandrick. I don’t think the Eagles will keep him and LeBlanc. Both are best in the slot. You keep one or the other. LeBlanc’s misfortune becomes Scandrick’s opportunity.


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