Game Week

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We’ve talked about roster moves, practices and things like that for the past few months. We’re actually now at a point where it is game week. Washington at Philly, this Sunday. That feels pretty crazy, huh?

Doug Pederson held his press conference today and said a few interesting things. The good news is that Fletcher Cox, Derek Barnett, Nigel Bradham and Ronald Darby are all on pace to start this week. That is a lot of defensive firepower.

I’m guessing Herbig didn’t face many guys like Cox in the Pac-12.

You wonder if Cox has been banged up or if the Eagles have just been saving him for the season. DL is not like OL. There isn’t a lot of chemistry involved. You line up and go kill the QB. There isn’t a lot of subtlety and timing that you have to get down.

Pederson talked about Barnett being ready to go. Apparently he’s practice more than the others and has looked good (or at least that’s what DP is telling us). Barnett will have a chance to make plays this week. Skins LT Trent Williams is still holding out, if that’s even the right term. He is trying to force the team to trade him. For once, this isn’t about money. Williams is mad at the organization for how they handled a medical situation and he wants out.

Barnett will be going against veteran Donald Penn. While Penn isn’t anywhere close to Williams level, he can be a competent tackle. Penn is 36 now and only started four games last year. We’ll have to see where he is. Barnett should have a chance to be disruptive.

Someone asked Pederson about CB. Pederson said the outside corners would Darby and Sidney Jones, with Avonte Maddox in the slot. I know the Rasul Douglas fans will be upset by this, but I think it is the wise move. Jones is good when he’s healthy, which he is right now.

Of course, with Daeshon Hall living in the Skins backfield, me and Jimmy Bama could be the CBs and not have any issues. There is your nightmare thought for the day.


That’s the good news.

The bad? They put LeBlanc on IR. He is eligible to return at midseason.

For now, they have an open roster spot. They could add another CB, which would make a ton of sense. They could also sign S Chris Banjo to be a key STer.

Or they could go with a TE. After listening to Pederson today, I’m starting to wonder if they try to go with just two TEs.


The practice squad is now set.

For now.

Players will come and go. If you want an idea of what to expect, check out 2018 transactions.

For now, Craig James is an Eagle and one of the 63 most important players on Earth.

For now.


I’m sure this surprised plenty of people. I’ve been telling you Smallwood would get a job quickly. He doesn’t offer upside, but he is a cheap, dependable veteran. Teams need those guys.

Oh, and he’ll be joined in Washington by DT Treyvon Hester. The Skins signed solid players…who also happen to offer some schematic advice on how to beat the Eagles. Those additions were more about talent than background, but that sure didn’t hurt.


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