Sunday Roster Update

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We don’t know anything about the 53-man roster yet. We have gotten some practice squad updates.

Here is what we know so far:

That’s a strong group so far. I’ll add thoughts tonight when we know the whole group.


The team lost a few players.

Toth makes sense for the Cardinals. That is a bad team. They are building for the future. Toth has NFL ability, but needs work. They can give him a ton of practice reps and get him ready for the future.

Smallwood is a good role player so I knew some team would add him. Skins are also Eagles opponent next weeks so they get added bonus of picking his brain about the Eagles offense.

I don’t know what to say about Thorson. He struggled for most of the summer. He does have some ability, but needs a ton of work. I’m shocked another team wanted to sign him. Anyone who saw the preseason finale had to be discouraged.

One bit of good news.

Let’s hope the Eagles can add him to the PS.


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