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Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for what you have. With the 5-6 Eagles coming off two straight losses, it can be easy to question what there is to be thankful for.

How about the Buffalo Bills? They went down to Dallas and beat the Cowboys, 26-15. That loss dropped Dallas to just 6-6, a half-game up on the Eagles. And it continued a troubling trend. Dallas has not beaten a team with a winning record. When they play good teams, they lose.

Jerry Jones refused to throw Jason Garrett under the bus yesterday, but you know Jerry is starting to get really pissed off at his team underachieving and losing such ugly games. Think about the difference in the two QBs in the game. Dak Prescott was picked off by a DT. He threw a 4th down pass into the turf. And Josh Allen made this play.

How ’bout them Cowboys!!!

Gloating aside, that loss gives the Eagles real hope. Go beat Miami on Sunday and you have a tie for first place (I know Dallas has the tiebreaker for now). Dallas is a mess mentally and emotionally. That’s a pretty healthy team losing those games.

The Eagles are getting healthy as they head into the soft part of their schedule.

The Eagles offense can’t exactly be brimming with confidence after consecutive stinkers, but knowing they are getting key players back has to give them a big emotional boost. These players can make a huge difference.

And the offense doesn’t have to be explosive with the defense playing so well.

Just protecting the ball would make a big difference. Run the ball well and score TDs in the Red Zone. You don’t have to be the ’99 Rams when the defense is limiting teams to 15 to 17 points a game.

This has been a disappointing, frustrating season, but it does feel like things are starting to fall into place for the Eagles. This is the time of the year you want things to be going well. This is when games matter. Remember how great Dallas looked in the first three weeks of the season? They are worlds different right now.

One other thing to remember…the Eagles have won at Green Bay and at Buffalo, two teams that will be in the playoffs. This team hasn’t just feasted on cupcakes. They can beat good teams.

For now, the focus is on beating the Dolphins.

Yikes. I’m having flashbacks to the injured secondary of the Eagles from earlier this year or most of last year.

The Eagles better get things turned around this week.