Youth Movement

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One of the big mistakes the Eagles made in the offseason was bringing back too many older players. Football is a young man’s sport. You can mix in some veterans, but too many older players is asking for trouble.

It was encouraging to hear Doug Pederson say in his press conference that JJ Arcega-Whiteside and Greg Ward would have roles in the offense even with the likely return of Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor. JJAW has some issues, but he also has talent. He’s healthy and can help this offense. He has a good combination of size and speed. JJAW isn’t going to start catching passes left and right, but he can be a solid contributor.

Ward played well last Sunday, but at least a couple of his catches came when he was covered by a LB. He will be more of a role player than JJAW, but he can still help the offense. Wentz trusted him on key plays last week and Ward mostly did a good job.

As I mentioned earlier this week, the young players will benefit from having game tape to study. They can see their mistakes and learn from them. That really is how players do their best learning. Obviously there were issues for both guys to work through from the Seahawks game.

The Eagles have used rookie Andre Dillard at LT and he has shown a lot of promise. Matt Pryor made his NFL debut last week and did some good things. Rookie Miles Sanders has been a playmaker as a runner and receiver. Boston Scott has been better at RB than as a returner. He could be a good role player, for now and the future.

This isn’t a dynamic youth movement, but it is a solid group of young players with a couple of studs (Sanders, Dillard).

Elliott is another good young player. He’ll be around for a while now.

It can be easy to take a kicker for granted, but ask a Bears fan or a Chargers fan and they will tell you just how important a position that can be.

Smart move by the Eagles to lock him up.


Good news on the injury front. The OL should be healthy for Sunday.

Oh wait…Ertz is now banged up? Let’s hope he’s just sore and taking it easy this week. He has taken a beating in recent weeks. Teams can’t cover him so they try to punish him after the catch. The Eagles need him on Sunday so let’s hope he gets better quickly.


Good news.