Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

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Jeffrey Lurie has to be one frustrated man. He believes in his coach. He believes in his GM. Lurie has a star QB in place and plenty of talent in place around him. Somehow, that team is 5-7 and on a three-game losing streak.

I’m sure part of Lurie would love to make a rash move. Fire somebody. Anybody!

When a team underachieves like this, someone has to pay, right? Lurie has to let the masses know that he’s not happy with what he’s seeing and someone is going to pay the price.

But then we have to go back to what I said to start with. Lurie seems to like the key guys…Howie, Doug, Carson, etc. They brought him a Super Bowl and that isn’t to be taken lightly. Besides, would firing someone right now really accomplish anything?

Lurie isn’t prone to knee-jerk reactions so he’s not likely to do anything, nor do I think he should. In-season moves rarely work.

I do think Lurie needs to have a meeting. He needs to get some answers. And Doug and Howie and anyone else involved should be somewhat uncomfortable as they give the answers.

The Dolphins have a young roster that seriously lacks talent. They have a rookie head coach. They were 2-9 coming into the game and didn’t exactly have a lot of fan support in the stadium. Somehow, that team was better prepared and played with more urgency than the more talented Eagles who still have hopes of making it to the postseason.

The roster that Howie has so carefully put together was beaten by a group that has been thrown together over the past couple of months.

Miami coaches adjusted their gameplan during the game. Once they saw DeVante Parker make the first grab over Ronald Darby, they started trying to get him the ball. The Eagles never could figure out a way to stop that. Miami’s ground game wasn’t working so they gave up on it. The Eagles ground game was working, but the coaches gave up on it.

And in that one moment when the coaches needed a special play, Miami had one. The Eagles didn’t call timeout, instead relying on preparation from the week. The play worked and you can argue that’s the difference in the game. Call the friggin’ timeout, Douglas. There is no reason to take that chance.

Not good.

If Zach Ertz doesn’t drop that pass inside the 5-yard line, the Eagles probably win the game. We’d be griping about how it was closer than it should have been. Ertz didn’t make that catch. Mr. Reliable had a bad game. On the opposite side, Parker had the best game of his career.

In a way, that’s the theme of the year. Eagles players have been oh so close, but just don’t get the job done. The team they’re facing makes a few critical plays and wins. So what’s the problem?

Is the roster not good enough?

Are the coaches not good enough teachers to get their players to play better?

Is Pederson’s message not getting through to the players in terms of motivation?

Pederson can talk about being close and just having a couple of plays go wrong. That’s true, but it is also the point. Good teams make those plays. The Eagles aren’t making those plays. And I hope Pederson doesn’t talk about the 3-9 Dolphins being a good team behind closed doors. Gimme a break.

I would love for Lurie to tell Doug that the Dolphins are a bad team. 3-9 isn’t an accident. But they were better than the Eagles on Sunday and what does that say?

There is a need for honesty and accountability.

Lurie needs to let Pederson know that he’s got two tasks right now. First, getting the Eagles into the postseason. Second, a brutally honest evaluation of the players and staff. Changes must be made in the offseason. What we’re seeing isn’t good enough.

As for Howie, Lurie has to do that evaluation himself. The Eagles have made some moves that looked great on paper, but aren’t working out that way. What has gone wrong? How do you fix it? And the Eagles need more from the draft. What has gone wrong there?

Changes won’t come until the offseason, but the discussions behind closed doors need to start now.