Day of the Dolphin

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The Eagles led 10-0. Miami didn’t quit and took a 14-13 lead in the second quarter.

The Eagles led 28-14 in the third quarter. Miami didn’t quit.

They scored 23 unanswered points.


What a disaster.

The Eagles defense had no answer for Ryan Fitzpatrick. Miami piled up 409 yards and scored 37 points, both season highs. Their previous highs were 381 yards and 26 points. That should give you an idea how bad the defense was.

There were some tough penalties in there and the DBs had good coverage on some plays that still turned into big gains, but the defense never could come up with stops. They had no answers. None.

The Eagles now drop to 5-7 and they’ve lost three games in a row.

Amazingly, the Eagles still control their fate. If they win out, they will win the NFC East. It is very fair to wonder how likely that is after watching this team. The offense was a mess the previous two games. Today they moved the ball and scored points. The defense, which had been red hot, was awful.

There are a lot more questions than answers right now.

The worst part of all this is that apathy could start to set in. Do you even care if the Eagles get hot and win some games? It is impossible to believe in this team right now. You can have some blind faith and that is a big part of being a sports fan, but the reality is that this group simply makes too many mistakes.

The 2-9 Dolphins out-played and out-coached the Eagles today. They are now 3-9 and have won 3 of the past 5 games. The Eagles are 5-7 and have lost three in a row. Miami had nothing to play for but pride. The Eagles had plenty to gain.

You can argue that this is the worst loss of the Doug Pederson era. We’ll need some context to really know if that is true, but Pederson’s team didn’t do anything to make him look good.

I have not had a good feel for this team all year and I still don’t. I have no idea if they’ll come out swinging or embrace mediocrity like a warm blanket on a cold night.

What a miserable way to end a holiday weekend.