Be Patient

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The Eagles have had a week to work on their coaching vacancies and there isn’t any movement. This has some in the media and plenty of fans wondering what is going on.

I get it. There aren’t any games to talk about so we want action. Give us some news.

That’s fine for outside perception, but the Eagles are smart to take their time and make the right decision. There have been some big name guys that got jobs in the past few days.

Joe Brady to the Panthers.

Pat Shurmur to the Broncos.

Joe Moorhead to the Oregon Ducks.

John DeFilippo to the Bears.

Everyone in football had interest in Brady, but he went somewhere he could run his own offense. That wasn’t going to happen here. As for the other guys, sure seems like the Eagles weren’t interested. I know people thought bringing Flip back would be a natural move, but clearly the Eagles saw that differently.

One reason they are likely waiting is to talk to someone or multiple candidates who are still alive in the playoffs. They could have their eyes on Mike Kafka. He is a former Eagles QB and is currently the QBs coach for the Chiefs. Maybe they like Mike LaFleur from the Niners. There could be guys on the Titans or Packers.

I don’t think you want to wait until after the Super Bowl unless you think there is someone who is a great fit. If so, bide your time. It would be good to get the hire done in the next week to 10 days so you could start working on the offseason. That means self-scouting, planning for 2020 and also personnel decisions.

More important than time is getting the hire right.

We don’t know what Doug Pederson is looking for exactly. I’m sure he and Jeffrey Lurie had a discussion where they went over ways to improve the coaching staff. Pederson would have explained if he wanted a young guy or a veteran coach. Or if he wanted someone who knows the West Coast offense better than the Air Raid offense. Or whatever. I’m sure Lurie wanted ideas from Pederson on what he thought the team needed, in terms of scheme, background and personality.

Be patient. Let Pederson find the right guy so this offense can get back to being consistently dangerous and not so streaky.


Congratulations to Harold Carmichael on getting into the Hall of Fame.

You have to be careful when judging players of the past against today’s players because the game is so different. CBs could really be physical with receivers back then. OL couldn’t hold as much. QBs didn’t have as much protection. All of that made throwing the ball a lot more challenging. Guys from that era have numbers that look pedestrian by today’s standards.

There is no doubt that Carmichael was a dominant player in his era. Some solid slot receiver from today’s game might have more catches, but study the game and you’ll see Carmichael was special.

And now he’s in Canton.


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