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The Eagles still haven’t made any hires, but we do have some good rumors to talk about.

It sounds like Manuel is the favorite. He would make sense, having coached in a similar scheme and having played for Jim Schwartz in Detroit back in 2009.

Manuel coached DBs in Seattle and Atlanta before becoming the defensive coordinator for the Falcons in 2017 and 2018. He was out of the league last year after being fired by the Falcons.

I like the fact he got to be a DC, even if it didn’t work out. He now should have a good feel for how everything comes together. It is easy for position coaches to focus on their unit. Someone who has been a coordinator understands the big picture. A former coordinator can be an even better position coach because of that understanding.

Walker has a wild coaching history, having worked for six colleges and five NFL teams. Walker coached the Browns secondary the past three seasons.

Both guys have the experience to handle the job.


Adam Caplan has reported that Matt Burke is going to be the DL coach and that Jeremiah Washburn would get the job as the assistant DL coach.

We’ve already talked about Burke a bit. He coached LBs in Detroit, Cincinnati and Miami. Burke then became the DC in Miami. As I mentioned with Manuel, being a coordinator gives you a strong feel for how everything works. Burke can now take over a position he hasn’t coached and handle that.

Washburn is really interesting. He’s the son of former Eagles DL coach Jim Washburn, who was great at his job but could also be a complete jackass. Jeremiah isn’t a DL guru, but he’s also not a jackass.

The younger Washburn started off in personnel and then made the transition to coaching OL. He coached the Lions OL from 2013-2015. He then helped with the Dolphins and Bears OLs. The Eagles hired Washburn in 2018 to be an Advanced Projects Coordinator.

I watched Washburn coach OL prospects at the Senior Bowl several years back and was very impressed. He focused on specific issues the players needed to work on. He was patient, but also tough.

This could end up being a good duo.


Nothing new on OC. Mike McDaniel was a rumor from a couple of days ago. He is the run game coordinator for SF so he’s obviously busy for the next week.



Here are my notes from Day 3.

The Eagles talked to three prospects:

DE D.J. Wonnum – South Carolina
OG Ben Bredeson – Michigan
QB Jordan Love – Utah State

Love is the most interesting name there. He is incredibly talented, at times making throws that remind you of Patrick Mahomes. And I don’t say that lightly. Love will make some throws that will make you cringe. He can be wildly over-aggressive at times.

Love could go as early as the first round. Obviously the Eagles won’t be spending a high pick on him, but they are at least curious. QB is a premium position. It would be interesting to know just how high a pick they would spend on him, or any QB they liked. We always have to remember that talking to a player doesn’t mean they like him. Teams do research as they are figuring out who they do like.


I got to meet Joe Douglas and Andy Weidl down in Mobile. Both are genuinely nice guys.

Weidl is the key figure for the Eagles draft this year so let’s hope he does a great job.


I was watching practice on Thursday when I heard “DUUUUZZZZZZZZZ” behind me. I turned to see Brent Celek embracing Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi. Celek was excited to see Narduzzi. They seemed to be catching up rather than talking football, but this is something to watch in the future. Narduzzi was the DC at the University of Cincinnati when Celek played there.


We know Jim Schwartz loves CBs who are tough and competitive.

Expect Davis to be someone that Schwartz will like. He battled on every rep. He took everything personally, but in a good way.

I need to study Davis’ game tape before I can offer a good opinion, but he sure looked like someone Schwartz would love based on what I saw in Mobile.


We know the Eagles like interchangeable safeties. Jeremy Chinn makes sense as a target. He can play in the slot, in the box or back deep.

There are multiple safety prospects who fit the Eagles scheme this year. There are no excuses for not addressing the position.


Doug Pederson has shown an affinity for big WRs. There are going to be some big guys available this year as well. Chase Claypool from Notre Dame measured in at 6-4, 229. Some people thought he should bulk up and move to TE.

Claypool had a good week in Mobile. He played big, but also showed the ability to get open. He was more agile and flexible than anticipated.


The Senior Bowl game is Saturday at 2:30. Should be a fun watch. There will be lots of potential Eagles targets.


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