Senior Bowl and Coach Talk

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There is more than a bit of frustration with the Eagles search for an offensive coordinator. This should not be the case.

The goal isn’t to get your staff set as soon as possible. The goal is to find the right guys and hire them. If that takes a couple of weeks. so be it.

My only frustration is the lack of info out there. Are the Eagles being super-secretive or have they just not done many interviews? That I can’t answer.

They had interest in Graham Harrell. That didn’t work out. They had interest in Mike Kafka. That didn’t work out.

Adam Caplan is reporting the Eagles have interest in Mike McDaniel, the run game coordinator for SF. He is a young coach who has been part of some good NFL offenses. He is an interesting target.

I think Doug Pederson understands just how important this hire is and he’s taking his time with the process. That is smarter than making a knee-jerk hire just so you can announce to the world your staff is set.


Some of you wondered about Howie Roseman not being in Mobile. You can be critical of Howie for various things, but this shouldn’t be one of them. Going to the Senior Bowl is something GMs and scouts enjoy. You get to watch actual football. The Combine is the event they’d like to skip. The Senior Bowl is a place everyone wants to be.

The fact Howie stayed in Philly tells you he is working on important matters. He could be helping with the coaching search. He could also be working on self-scouting. Teams study their rosters to figure out where they need to improve so they can make plans for free agency and the draft.

Howie isn’t avoiding Mobile by choice. Good football, good barbecue and cold beer. This is a place you want to come to.


Jimmy Bama reported yesterday that Scot McCloughan has been helping the Eagles with scouting reports for the past three years.

Scot is one of the best talent evaluators in football. He doesn’t work for a team right now for complicated personal reasons. Instead, he acts as a consultant for multiple teams.

How can someone work for multiple teams? He is just writing scouting reports. I assume the Eagles would only have him study players they think are a scheme fit. You aren’t asking Scot to make decisions. You just want him to help you identify good draft prospects.


Here are my notes from Day 2 of the Senior Bowl.

The Eagles talked to a lot of DL on Wednesday.

  1. Trevon Hill, DE, Miami
  2. Bradlee Anae, DE, Utah
  3. Leki Fotu, DT, Utah
  4. DaVon Hamilton, DT, Ohio State
  5. Neville Gallimore, DT, Oklahoma
  6. Darrion Daniels, DT, Nebraska

Fotu is hurt and not practicing. I don’t think he’s an ideal fit for the Eagles, but they are likely just doing their due diligence.

Hamilton looked really good yesterday. He’s big, but has some athleticism as well. Think of him as a more talented version of Anthony Rush.

Gallimore is an ideal scheme fit.

Daniels doesn’t fit at all in my mind. I see him as s 2-gap DT.

Both Anae and Hill make sense as DE fits. The Eagles already have a boatload of DEs, but you keep your eyes open to see if you can find someone better.


Kyle Dugger is a small school star that some projected to LB. He is here and playing safety. At 6-1, 217, he has tweener size. Dugger has been very impressive so far at S and might just stay there.

As much as the Eagles need help at CB, a difference-making safety would also make a lot of sense. Look at what Tyrann Matthieu does for the Chiefs. They don’t have great CBs, but Matthieu is an impact player and makes the whole secondary better.

Rodney McLeod and Malcolm Jenkins are solid vets, but don’t have that kind of ability.


I’m feeling more and more encouraged that the Eagles will find some WRs who can help them in 2020. This is a deep class and has a variety of players. Big…fast…shifty…there are a lot of choices. Thankfully the Eagles have a lot of picks this year so they can invest in a couple of WRs.


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