The Morning After

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The game was just yesterday, but the finality of season-ending losses can really throw off your sense of time. I’ve tried not to think about the game so I could clear my head, but that didn’t work too well, as you might imagine.

Anyway, here are some random thoughts on the game/team.

Zach Ertz is one tough dude.

Ertz has been a good player for the Eagles since the day he got here. He’s become a great player over time. He was a terrible blocker for his first few years. He was terrible after the catch for his first few years. He had some critics who would focus on the negatives and overlook his value as a pass-catcher. I think everyone now can see that Ertz is a legitimately great TE.

Beyond that, you can see just how badly he wanted to win. He did whatever it took to get back on that field. You can’t help but love a guy with that attitude.


Josh McCown loved this team and this season.

McCown did his best. He couldn’t get the job done, but he’s got nothing to be ashamed of. I loved following him this season as just part of the team and enjoyed watching him compete in a playoff game. We’ll see what his future holds, but he sure feels like someone that will always be part of the Eagles family.


Jordan Howard is a real mystery man. He didn’t play a single snap on Sunday. I don’t say this as a criticism of him or the coaching staff. Just an observation.

Howard was hurt for six weeks and then returned for the season finale. He played one snap in that game. Obviously Howard wasn’t 100 percent and the coaches saved him for emergency situations. Those didn’t occur so Howard sat and watched.

I really enjoyed watching Howard play this year and would have some interest in bringing him back, if the price and fit is right.

Clearly the ball has to go to Miles Sanders first. You also need to get touches to Boston Scott. Those guys add juice to the playbook. Still, there is value in having a tough, between-the-tackles runner. I just don’t know if Howard wants to be part of a RB by committee approach like that. And the Eagles may want to go with a cheaper option. They do like Elijah Holyfield and he will factor into their plans.


Pat is a Giants beat writer and even he is frustrated by the dirty hit and the lack of attention given to it by NBC.

This isn’t “NBC hates the Eagles”. Don’t get into that mindset. I’m shocked at the lack of attention because networks obsess over QBs and they barely addressed this issue at all. That really blows my mind.

I don’t think Al Michaels or Cris Collinsworth had any agenda. Maybe they were just too cowardly to be critical of Clowney. They raved about his overall game (he did play well), but never offered any hint of criticism for the hit. Just shocking to me.

I’m sure the league doesn’t like it when announcers rip players, but you simply can’t avoid the subject the way they did.

I can live with the officials missing the call. That happens. For the network to ignore it, that’s different. That is horrible journalism.


Wentz getting hurt is going to bring out some awful opinions. Do not try and engage all of these people. We live in a world of hot takes. Beyond that, some people are just dumb.

For whatever reason, Wentz brings out the worst in some writers/analysts. I don’t get it.


Things like this are going to drive me nuts.

JJ had a bad rookie year. No one disputes that. Metcalf had a good rookie season.

That said, let’s not define their careers right now. Didn’t we learn anything from beating down Brandon Graham for years in comparisons to Earl Thomas and JPP?

Arcega-Whiteside might turn out to be a huge bust. He might become a solid role player. Or he could become a good WR. Let’s give him some time.


Jason Peters says he wants to keep playing.

The Eagles cannot bring him back. They simply cannot do that.

Peters struggled on Sunday. He’s had penalty issues this year and deals with nagging injuries. He is an all-time great Eagle, but they have to let him go. Andre Dillard needs to be the LT in 2020.


Fletcher Cox was great on Sunday. He was up and down this year, mostly due to coming off last year’s injury, but Cox showed on Sunday that he can still be a dominant force.

It was fun watching him overwhelm the interior blockers on a regular basis.


The secondary must be addressed and fixed. I don’t want to get in-depth right now, but that group needs help.

The Eagles have some pieces to work with, but they need a good CB in a big way. As much as WR is an issue, CB is my biggest need for the Eagles right now.


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