Hide the Umbrellas!

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We are about a month away from free agency starting so that means we should start to see teams cutting or moving on from some veterans while other teams sign players to extensions. You have to get ready for the free agent frenzy.

The Eagles made one such move today.

Smart move.

Bradham’s age was rising, his level of play declining and he wasn’t cheap. You have to move on from that guy.

Bradham had two main points of value. Most importantly, he was versatile. The Eagles originally signed him to play SAM. Bradham took over at MLB when injuries created the need for that. He could also slide over and play WLB.

Jim Schwartz spoke of the value of Bradham’s personality and leadership. Schwartz thought he brought some “fire” to the defense. That is important, especially at a position like LB where emotion has real value.

Bradham just wasn’t a good enough LB to bring back. The Eagles are smart to move on from him.

Right now the current group of LBs is young.

Nate Gerry
T.J. Edwards
Duke Riley
Alex Singleton

That’s also not many players. Clearly this is a spot where the Eagles will be adding talent in the next few months.

That said, I think the team might be better off than some would believe.

Gerry has shown that he can play all three LB spots. He is a good athlete and has playmaking ability. Gerry struggled in coverage at the beginning of 2019, but got better as the year went along.

The biggest problem Gerry had was missed tackles. That is an issue he must keep working on. Not everyone wants him back, let alone getting more snaps. Gerry has improved each year and I think the Eagles would be smart to project him as a starter in 2020.

Edwards started four games as a rookie. His strength was his tackling. Edwards also showed good instincts. He looked like a MLB. That’s a solid foundation. He’s not as athletic as Gerry, but has much better instincts. I think Edwards is ready for a bigger role. I just don’t know that you want him on the field for 60 snaps a game right now.

Riley and Singleton are good STs players. Riley showed potential when he was used on defense in some sets.

I expect the Eagles to add a quality veteran to the mix. Teams usually play two LBs most of the time these days, but you need depth and competition. I’m all for the Eagles going young, but going with Gerry and Edwards might be too much of an over-correction.

While the Eagles like versatile players, it will be interesting to see which position they address. Do they go add someone like De’Vondre Campbell, who is SAM that can also play inside, or does the team go for someone like Joe Schobert, who is more of a MLB?

The coaches like Gerry and Edwards so don’t expect the Eagles to go break the bank for a veteran. They do need a proven player, but I get the feeling some people will see the Eagles as desperate. I don’t agree with that assessment.

One of the things you have to keep in mind is that the team needs cheap help somewhere. You can’t pay Carson Wentz $30M per year and have the rest of the team stocked with veterans. You are going to have to take chances at some spots. I think LB will be one of those spots.

Go find a reasonably priced veteran to add to the starting mix. You could also add another veteran to help with depth. Joe Walker, who the Eagles drafted in the seventh round back in 2016, started 11 games for the Cardinals last year. Walker is versatile and athletic. If he can’t find a starting role elsewhere, he could be an interesting option for the team’s fourth LB.

I’m sure the Eagles will also look to add talent in the draft. I know of a speedy, talented LB from Appalachian State who might look good in green.

Remember what Howie Roseman said. The Eagles need to get younger and faster. He didn’t say cheaper, but you can bet that was part of the plan as well. Letting Bradham walk was a good start. The hard part is finding a good replacement for him.


The Eagles will now have about $45M in cap space. They will be able to make some key moves.

There was a lot of talk on Twitter today about Vikings WR Stefon Diggs. He took all references to the Vikings off his social media pages. People are connecting the dots and assuming he is pushing to be traded.

If Diggs hit the market, the Eagles would have to be interested. The problem is that he won’t come cheap. Minnesota could be looking for a first round pick for him. I’d be nervous about giving up that pick for Diggs. The Eagles need young talent.

You can bet Howie Roseman will make calls to see if Diggs is available or if this is much ado about nothing (as it usually turns out to be).

As I wrote yesterday, the Eagles need as many options as possible.


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