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I was listening to Jim Rome’s radio show today and he had a baseball writer on as a guest. The writer, Tyler Kepner, moved on from the current baseball situation and told a couple of Tony Gwynn stories.

Gwynn is one of the greatest hitters of all time. He had a lifetime batting average of .338. If Pete Rose went 750 for 750, he would still be behind Gwynn. That’s nuts. Gwynn hit .394 in 1994 and hit .368 or higher four times. That’s nuts. He was just an amazing hitter.

For a minute, I couldn’t remember if Gwynn was a left-handed or right-handed hitter. I struggled to picture him at the plate. It made me sad to think that I didn’t pay more attention to one of the greatest baseball players to ever take the field.

That got me to thinking about the Eagles and what we might not be appreciating the way we should.

We get so focused on winning the Super Bowl and having things play out the way we want that it can be easy to overlook greatness that is right in front of us.

Fletcher Cox is the best DT in franchise history. We see him do special things on a regular basis. We haven’t seen a DL physically overwhelm blockers like this since Reggie played for the Eagles.

Zach Ertz is arguably the best TE in franchise history (Pete Retzlaff was amazing in his own right). Ertz is a gifted pass catcher and has the NFL record for receptions by a TE in a season.

Jason Kelce is the best center in franchise history. He makes highlight blocks multiple times a year. Kelce can win at the line of scrimmage or 30 yards downfield. He is a rare dude.

Lane Johnson is the best RT in franchise history, apologies to Jon Runyan and Jerry Sisemore. Johnson is a gifted athlete who can shut down pass rushers and dominate in the run game. When he’s healthy, the Eagles are hard to beat.

We should celebrate these players more than we do. Instead, we get caught up in arguing about J.J. Arcega-Whiteside being disappointing or Nate Gerry’s tackling or whether the Eagles should have traded for Genard Avery. We’re so busy looking for success stories that we don’t see the amazing players that are right there in front of us.

I’m not telling you to ignore bad draft picks or to pretend problems don’t exist. Part of being a sports fan is griping about your team and what’s wrong.

My point is that these are special players and we need to make sure we enjoy them while they are here. All of these guys will get some level of Hall of Fame consideration. Not all will make it. Numbers tell you that. But these are special players.

Make sure you enjoy them.


There are plenty of other good players. Brandon Brooks is one of the best RGs in the league. He has some dominant moments.

Carson Wentz is still showing us what he is. In 2017, he looked special. Last year down the stretch, he was outstanding. Wentz can still be even better. The sky is the limit with him.

I’m curious to see what the future holds for Miles Sanders. At the very least, he is a terrific RB and a lot of fun to watch.

DeSean Jackson is a unique player. He’ll have to buy a ticket to get into Canton, but he still can be incredibly fun to watch. After Week 1 last year, we thought we were in for a fun season. Things didn’t work out that way. When Jackson is out there this year, make sure you enjoy watching him run by DBs.


An absolute artist.


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