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Eagles Training Camp is scheduled to start in 15 days. The player I think we’re all most excited about seeing is first round pick Jalen Reagor. Usually we have seen some practice clips by this point in the summer, but this year we are still going off college highlights. It will be fun to see him doing his thing in an Eagles uniform.

Fran Duffy quit tanning and working on his abs long enough to put together this piece on Reagor.

As you would expect, that is fantastic work. Detailed and thorough, but still fun and interesting. Fran shows you Reagor’s raw ability as an athlete as well as his positional skills.

We aren’t expecting Reagor to start this year, but he’s got enough ability that he should find a role as a rookie. I know the struggles of J.J. Arcega-Whiteside have made many people nervous about counting on a rookie, but Reagor is a different dude. He plays with a lot more attitude than JJAW ever did. I don’t expect Reagor to be Jerry Rice, but he’ll make his presence known.

Reagor is cocky and that’s good. The best wide receivers usually play with some attitude. When the ball is in the air, he goes and gets it. Part of that is due to his explosive leaping ability, but just as important is his mindset.

That’s my ball.

He goes up and fights for the ball. He’s not winning due to size and strength. That mindset and attitude will serve him well in the NFL.

I can’t wait to see Reagor in action. He is a good fit for the Eagles offense and it sure sounds like he’s ready for the NFL from a mental standpoint. He doesn’t have the pressure to have to start right away, but the coaches will get him on the field if they think he’s ready and can contribute.


Brian Rolle is coming out of retirement?

Derek Landri?

Okay, it probably isn’t something that big. But what is Baldy hinting at? It might be this.

John Clayton isn’t a huge name anymore, but he was one of the original NFL information guys. He still has sources. Clayton just isn’t as connected as Adam Schefter and Jay Glazer and guys like that.

But Clayton does know Seattle. That’s where he lives. There could be something to this.

Clayton has brought us good news before. I remember back in the summer of 2004 listening to sports radio one weekend. Clayton reported that Jeremiah Trotter was going to be released and would have interest in coming back to the Eagles. Both happened and the team went to the Super Bowl.

As for Clowney, I know some people hate him for the hit on Wentz. That was a bad moment. Wentz said himself that he was in favor of anything that helped the team. If that means signing Clowney, so be it.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens here, but Clowney at the right price is definitely worth the risk. He is inconsistent, but the Eagles have seen him dominate against them over the past two seasons. When he’s on, Clowney is a difference-maker.

There are games when Clowney just takes over. It would be fun to see him doing that for the Eagles instead of against the Eagles.

Stay tuned.


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