Miles Sanders

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Miles Sanders had a terrific rookie season. He was more productive than Eagles stars Duce Staley, Brian Westbrook and LeSean McCoy were in their rookie seasons. Sanders was the one dynamic playmaker on an offense that struggled to come up with big plays.

There is a lot of excitement about him heading into 2020. Sanders knows the offense better this year and now knows just how fast things move on an NFL field. He could have a big year.

I was surprised when Bucky Brooks posted a list of his 10 best second year players and Sanders wasn’t on it. That made me go back and review Sanders 2019 performance.

He ran for 818 yards and averaged 4.6 yards per carry. Sanders caught 50 passes and averaged 10.2 yards per reception. Beyond the numbers, the film is very impressive.

That was fun to watch.

The fact Sanders made the catch on Wentz’s insane throw should make him a hero to children around the world. It would have been heartbreaking to see him drop that pass.

Sanders isn’t a great player and he’s got things to work on. But he showed tremendous ability. He has outstanding speed and excellent burst. If he gets space to move in, he will take off and pull away from defenders. Sanders is elusive and also a physical runner. He can make you miss or break an arm tackle.

The thing that caught us off guard was how good a receiver he proved to be, especially on downfield throws. Defenses had to adjust their schemes to account for Sanders ability to get down the field and make plays. Not many RBs do that, let alone as rookies.

Sanders needs to continue working on his blocking. All young RBs do. He improved as the 2019 season went along, but there is still plenty of room for improvement.

As a runner, he needs to learn when to go for big plays and when to just settle for a short gain rather than dancing and bouncing plays out wide.

The Eagles have found some special RBs in the second and third rounds of the draft.

  • Charlie Garner – 2nd
  • Duce Staley – 3rd
  • Brian Westbrook – 3rd
  • LeSean McCoy – 2nd

It sure looks like Sanders will be joining that list.

(My apologies to any Tony Hunt fans who thought he might make the cut)


Thank you Mr. B for helping the Eagles to win a Super Bowl.

But he was old, slowing down and not making plays. The Eagles were right to let him go.


2 Comments on “Miles Sanders”

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