Midseason Form

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Doug Pederson is a good coach. He’s won a Super Bowl. He is a gifted offensive mind. He embraces analytics and helps his team with an aggressive coaching style.

But he is not good at press conferences.

“I think that this is actually a good time to be a late-round pick and possibly a free agent, even these young draft picks,” Pederson said, via the Daily Times. “We’ve already had a week with them practicing on the grass. We’re going to get some really good opportunities here in these next coming weeks. They are going to learn a lot from the veterans. The way I have the schedule set up is for them to learn and to be successful. Once we get into the padded portion of training camp is where we really get to see where these guys are. We truly feel these young guys are going to be the ones who are going to have to help us throughout the entire season.”

This is absolutely not a good year to be a late round rookie or UDFA. No one on earth can honestly believe this.

Instead of having three months to practice, learn and impress coaches, young guys will now have about two weeks. What happened in Zoom meetings does count for something, but not nearly as much as what would have happened on the practice field in the spring of 2019.

Young players need every chance possible to work with the coaches and impress them.

Sometimes Doug just starts talking before he really thinks about questions. I’ll let him keep doing that if he delivers another Super Bowl. That’s fair, right?


Wilson is 6-4, 240. He’s an athletic pass-catcher. In his final season at UCLA, Wilson caught 60 passes and averaged 16 yards per catch. The Eagles like athletic TEs (Ertz, Goedert, Perkins, etc.).

Wilson is the son of former Eagles DL coach Chris Wilson.

This isn’t anything to get excited about. Wilson fits the Eagles profile. The team now has five TEs on the roster, which they’ll need for Training Camp practices.


This is probably a response to Marquise Goodwin opting out of the season. Green is needed to help get through TC reps. He is a long shot to push for a roster spot.


The tour of the NovaCare facility is pretty cool. You can see all the changes the team made. You can also see just how seriously they are taking this situation.


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