Pederson Tests Positive

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Your Sunday night bombshell came courtesy of Tim McManus of ESPN.

Got all that?

We know Doug Pederson tested positive for coronavirus. What we don’t know is how long he’ll be out and how much of an impact this will have.

Pederson will be quarantining until he checks all the boxes in the league’s protocol. This could go as long as a couple of weeks, possibly more if there are issues. It sounds like he’s okay now, but we’ll have to see if he stays that way. Hopefully he will.

As for the team, losing your head coach is never a good thing. That is an even bigger deal this year when we have a truncated offseason. Every chance for the head coach to spend time with his players and coaches has value. Pederson might be out until it is time for padded practices. That wouldn’t be ideal.

At the same time, Pederson does have a veteran staff. Duce Staley will run things. He’s entering his fifth season under Pederson so Staley should be able to handle things for a week or two.

Besides that, the team can still contact Pederson. He just can’t be there in-person.

The Eagles confirmed the report.

I don’t know what this means for the season, in terms of having one.

I watched an Orioles game this weekend and seeing 25 players (for each team) deal with masks and social distancing was interesting. I really wonder if baseball can last for 60 games. And NFL teams have double the roster and a much bigger coaching/support staff.

Can they really pull it off?

I hope so. Watching baseball without crowds has been weird, but I still love the game. I still yell when the O’s blow a late lead to the Yankees and I still get excited when they win in extra innings.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but an NFL head coach testing positive isn’t a good omen. Now we have to hope that others in the organization won’t test positive. No one else has to this point, but let’s give it a few days to make sure that holds true.

What an absolutely strange season this is and will be…if we’re lucky enough to get a season.


Per Dave Spadaro, here is the week ahead:

This is the schedule for the Eagles for the week ahead, as it is with every NFL team (new rules apply to every team): From August 3 through 11, players will have an acclimation period – 60 minutes in the weight room and 60 minutes of on-field conditioning. No conditioning tests may be administered during this period. In addition to strength-and-conditioning work, teams can have 60-minute walkthroughs on each of the first four days and 75-minute walkthroughs on each of the last four days. August 8 is a mandatory off day.

On-field walkthroughs don’t sound exciting, but compared to the last several months, that sounds pretty darn good.


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