Eagles Find a LT!!!

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The Eagles made a slew of moves over the weekend. Most importantly, they were able to find a left tackle. How did the Eagles pull off such a miracle at the last minute?

JP is not getting a raise as of now, but he does have a new position. This move was inevitable. I’m just glad they worked it out before the opener. Washington has a loaded DL and you don’t want to be experimenting against them.

Now that LT is settled, there is the question of what will happen at RG. Doug Pederson wouldn’t commit to Matt Pryor, even though that seems like the logical choice. Pryor has experience there and the team remains high on him. My guess is that Pederson doesn’t want Washington to “know” who the RG will be and that’s why he mentioned Nate Herbig and Jack Driscoll as being in the mix. Anyone other than Pryor would be a surprise.

The O-line needs a strong week of practice to be ready for Washington.


Cre’Von got cut on Sunday so the team could claim someone off waivers. More on that in a minute. Cre’Von was let go with the intention to bring him back as soon as possible. Teams have to do a roster dance at times, shuffling players in and out. They usually let the player and his agent know that this is a temporary move. There is risk because the player can sign elsewhere, but sometimes you just have to take that chance.

Luckily things worked out and the Eagles got their guy back. Cre’Von can play inside, outside and on STs. He is the kind of role player you need.


We thought the Eagles might add a RB. Most would have predicted a veteran or a big back…or a veteran big back. The Eagles threw everyone a curve ball by claiming Jason Huntley.

He is 5-9, 193 and a rookie. He’s also an explosive athlete.


The Eagles obviously felt the combination of Miles Sanders and Corey Clement gave them enough size at RB. They wanted more speed. And I’m assuming they had a good draft grade on Huntley.

He averaged 7.1 yards per carry as a senior at New Mexico State and ran for 1090 yards and 9 TDs. Huntley was also a dynamic KOR. He ran 5 kickoffs back for TDs. He caught 134 passes, but I can’t tell you how good of a receiver he is.

Huntley has explosive speed. He is a bit of a straight line runner, but speedy guys can get away with that. He isn’t overly elusive. He will make guys miss here and there, but speed is his main weapon. Get him in space and he’s got a chance to deliver a big play.


Detroit drafted Huntley in the fifth round. They cut him to make room for Adrian Peterson.

It is interesting that the Eagles put such an emphasis on speed in the offseason and continued to look for explosive players. The days of LeGarrette Blount and Jordan Howard seem to be gone for now.


These players are on short term IR, meaning they can return in three weeks.

The Eagles have one open roster spot as of now. It looks like they are going to sign Richard Rodgers to be their #3 TE. The question is whether they make this move  before the opener or after it.

Franks and Rodgers are TEs. They make sense when you look at the numbers. McGill is a DT and just got cut recently. Meeting with him is a bit odd unless the team had a spot on the practice squad open up.

Rodgers feels like the likely move.


Speaking of the practice squad…

Josh McCown is the highlight move. When I saw a text alert come over about the Eagles signing McCown, I was like “What the heck are they doing?” Then I saw the whole story and that he was added as the emergency QB to the practice squad. This move makes total sense.

McCown knows the offense. He’ll stay prepared even though he won’t be at the team’s facility. You can trust him. Obviously he isn’t a guy you want on the field, but I would trust him over a rookie like Steven Montez. This would be an emergency situation and McCown would be mentally prepared.

You may wonder about three RBs on the PS. I think Killins is more of an offensive weapon than a pure RB. The Eagles would like to develop his speed and potential. He also gives them a great practice player. He will play RB and WR when giving looks to the starting defense. His speed will help those guys to be ready on Sunday.

No real surprises. I’m glad Prince Tega Wanogho made it. He has good potential.


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