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The Eagles made a bunch of cuts on Thursday. They followed that up with a few more cuts on Friday. The team also did some window shopping.

Let’s start with the cuts.

No surprises at all. Doug Pederson did mention Michael Jaquet as a player that impressed him at one point, but obviously not enough to get a roster spot.

We found out one player who won’t be going anywhere.

James won’t be mistaken for Deion Sanders anytime soon, but he is a valuable special teams player and backup on defense. It is good to see the Eagles reward someone who does the dirty work and does it well. STs remains an underrated part of the game.

By keeping James, the Eagles are letting us know something interesting will be happening at CB. You might recognize a couple of these names.

The Eagles will keep:

Darius Slay
Avonte Maddox
Nickell Robey-Coleman
Craig James

They will likely keep Cre’Von LeBlanc and one of Douglas or Jones. Douglas has been the better player to this point. Jones is more versatile. It will be interesting to see if some other team is desperate for a CB. Looking to the Eagles for a CB is kinda like asking me for dieting advice. “Only eat half as much pudding…”


The Eagles did a bit of shopping on Friday.

Glenn has 97 starts in his career. He has started at both LT and RT. Glenn would come to Philly as the swing tackle. It still feels inevitable that Jason Peters will start at LT and Matt Pryor will play RG. That can work.

The problem is what to do if JP gets hurt. There isn’t anyone on the roster that has proven they can play LT. Glenn would provide a cheap, effective insurance policy. He wouldn’t come in and be some great solution. He could be effective and that’s what you hope for out of a backup OT.

On gamedays, the Eagles could have Glenn active as the backup OT. Nate Herbig would be the G/C. The team could go with Jack Driscoll or Jordan Mailata as the other active OL.

The Eagles didn’t sign Glenn so they might still look around to see if anyone else hits the market. This is a fluid situation.


Washington cut RB Adrian Peterson and plenty of wondered if he might be the veteran RB the Eagles could bring in. I don’t know that the team needs a veteran. The young players can lean on Duce Staley and Darren Sproles for advice.

The team might like a big RB. Peterson would make sense on that front. This doesn’t feel like a likely move to me. I am interested to see if the team stays put with the young guys or does look for outside help.

Jimmy Bama pointed out the other day that the Eagles always keep four RBs under Pederson/Roseman. They only have three right now.

Stay tuned.


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