First Place, Baby!

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It wasn’t pretty, but it was beautiful at the same time. An Eagles team that was cobbled together with UDFAs and roster rejects found a way to save a season that appeared to be headed for disaster. A loss would have been devastating. Instead, the Eagles won the Backup Bowl over a beat up Niners team and now find themselves atop the NFC East at 1-2-1.

That is just weird.

But this isn’t a normal year in any way, shape or form. It seems fitting for a 1-2-1 team to be looking down at the rest of the division. Before you think I’m delusional and annoyingly cocky, this probably won’t last long. The Eagles have a tough schedule ahead of them.

For now, let’s celebrate the fact that this team found a way to win a tough game. They flew 3,000 miles and beat the defending NFC champs. SF is also very banged up, but they still had the better team on the field. Things didn’t get any easier on the injury front for the Eagles. They lost DB Rudy Ford, LB T.J. Edwards and OT Lane Johnson during the game. You have to be almost numb to the injuries at this point.

Carson Wentz didn’t have a good OL or his top weapons, but he made enough plays to help the Eagles come up with a win. He threw for a TD and ran for one as well. Wentz made a terrific throw to WR Travis Fulgham for a 42-yard score. That was the kind of touch we’ve been wanting to see on a deep ball. There were some plays where it felt like Wentz was trying to will the Eagles to move the chains. He wasn’t perfect, but he came up big when the team needed him.

I thought Doug Pederson had a really good game. He fell in love with trick plays in the second half and they weren’t working. He got away from the run game more than I would have preferred. But I thought he showed good creativity and mixed things up pretty well for the most part.

Beyond that, he went for two after the first TD and that proved to be a big thing. Without that, the Eagles would have just been protecting a 3-point lead at the end. Instead, they were up five and that helped them to seal the win.

The Eagles defense gave up 417 yards, but they had 5 sacks and came up with 3 takeaways. They scored their first TD of the season, on a crazy pick-six. Nick Mullens threw the ball right to Alex Singleton.

There were some ugly throws. Thankfully.

A lot of guys came up big in this game. Singleton’s TD was huge. Fulgham’s, too. Richard Rodgers played well. Genard Avery played his best game as an Eagle. It was an odd, interesting night. Dare I say, a fun night.

I thought the team played with a lot of energy and heart. That’s encouraging. Things can really snowball in the NFL. The Eagles were looking at a tough schedule and possibly being 0-5-1. Now they are in first place and hoping to build off tonight’s win.

This team is still highly flawed and needs to play a lot better, but winning gives them hope. Never underestimate how important that is in sports. When guys start to believe, good things happen.

Smile. Be happy for a night.

The Eagles got a big win. The first place Eagles, that is.


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