It’s Over

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A promising day turned fell apart in a hurry and the Eagles playoff hopes are a distant memory. They lost to Dallas 37-17 on a day when the defense simply didn’t have the talent necessary to have consistent success. The offense had their share of issues as well. This was a sloppy performance in the biggest game of the year. The Eagles looked like a 4-10-1 team, which they are.

Losing to Dallas is never fun. Being eliminated from the playoffs is never fun. But this team is better off with today going this way. The Eagles could have won the NFC East at 6-9-1, but that would have been polishing a turd of a season. This team needs talent. The loss guarantees the Eagles a Top 10 pick.

Two things on the draft front.

A lot of people are reacting to the high pick news with “So what if Howie is doing the picking…”. I’m not going to defend Howie’s recent record. It is bad. But he’s done well on high picks. Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, Lane Johnson and Carson Wentz were all toward the top of the draft. Wentz gave us four good years before this year’s mysterious fall. The other three are still key players.

We don’t know if Howie will be back. All we can do is wait and speculate. But this team needs talent. This team needs good draft position. And yes, obviously they need to pick wisely.

Many of you want to know what player or position I’m targeting. I don’t think any one player or position is going to fix this team. If you add a gifted receiver like Ja’Marr Chase, the offense will be better. If you add a good corner or pass rusher, the defense will be better. This team has plenty of holes and needs to hit on multiple picks.

Find the best player. Look for the difference-maker. Chase makes a lot of sense, but there could be other options that make sense as the draft stuff gets going. Who’s coming out? Who will have injury concerns? Who will have a great workout? Lots of info that will affect the decision and which prospects we fall in love with.

One of the keys to all of this is figuring out if there is a coaching change. If there is a new staff, they might have certain needs based on their schemes and player types. Too many unknowns right now.

The kid in me wanted a win today. Forget the future, let’s beat Dallas and go win the division. Sports are fun! Yay!

The adult wanted the loss. Jeffrey Lurie is more likely to take action when his team is last in arguably the worst division in NFL history. Lurie will be less likely to be sentimental. This organization needs some serious scrutiny from top to bottom.

And I wanted that high pick. Sounds dumb to point this out, but the pick is high in every round. The Eagles are usually picking at the bottom of rounds. It is harder to hit on those picks consistently. One year of misery could lead to a strong draft class and that could be huge for the future.


Things could go the other way, but I’m an optimist so I’ll focus on that side of things.

The Eagles have tough decisions to make about who will pick the players, who will coach the players and who will be back as their teammates. This is going to be a really weird offseason.

That’s what happens when you are looking up at three teams in your division and they all have losing records.

What a year.


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