Reality Setting In

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Doug Pederson is an optimist. That’s usually a good thing, but it can be awkward when a season goes to hell. Pederson’s optimism helped the Eagles overcome slow starts in 2018 and 2019. This year it made him seem more delusional than anything else.

Even Pederson has his limits. He regularly mentioned the team being in first place and focused on positives up until a couple of weeks ago. After falling from first place, Pederson talks about the season as disappointing and will finally mention the team’s struggles.

It seems that reality is setting in.

Pederson declared Jason Peters his left tackle for the rest of the season and within a couple of days changed that to get a younger player on the field. He then gave backup QB Jalen Hurts more first team reps in practice. It sure feels like Pederson is realizing this team isn’t going to win the NFC East and he’s got to coach accordingly.

That mindset could be setting in across the whole organization.

Parks is another free agent that didn’t work out as planned. Part of that is due to injuries, but it also felt like something just wasn’t right. The Eagles needed impact from the safety position and Parks barely played. He was jettisoned so that the team could give more snaps to rookies K’Vonn Wallace and Grayland Arnold.

That’s actually the smart move for a 3-7-1 team, but it is frustrating to see a player like Parks struggle to get on the field. It makes you wonder if there is some disconnect between the personnel department and the coaching staff. Or did Parks just not turn out to be the guy they expected? There isn’t a good answer.

Obviously other teams think he can still play.

Pederson isn’t buying in on a total youth movement.

We don’t know if Ertz will play this week, but he’s getting closer and will get back on the field. I actually want to see him play again. Ertz struggled earlier and I’d like to see him play better in what could be his final few games as an Eagle.

No one understands why Pederson continues to play Alshon Jeffery, especially when it means fewer snaps for Travis Fulgham. I don’t get that at all. Jeffery is a glaring example of what has been wrong with the Eagles for the past two years.

  • Signed to a pointless extension
  • Kept on the roster while hurt
  • Forced back into the lineup when the team has young receivers who need reps

I think that falls under the heading of a conspiracy of dunces. Ugh.

Maybe Pederson thinks Jeffery is the answer for this.

I would respectfully disagree.

I had some hopes that Jeffery might come in and impress. He supposedly got in great shape. I thought he might have a real chip on his shoulder to try and impress people, knowing he would be on the market in the offseason. Instead, Jeffery has shown us nothing.

The Eagles two best offensive games came vs PIT and BAL. Who was the star? Travis Fulgham. He went 10-152-1 and 6-75-1 in those games.

Feed Fulgham.

Bench Jeffery.

I’m not promising that the offense will suddenly score 30 points, but it would give the Eagles their best chance and it is the smart thing to do for the present and the future.

Improved OL play would also help. One way to do that would be to get Matt Pryor off the field.

Driscoll was the starting RT in some drills on Wednesday. Let’s hope his ankle holds up so he can start. Driscoll looks like a future starter, whether at T, G or even C. I would love to see him get back on the field.

The Eagles are going through their toughest stretch of the season. Playing Seattle, Green Bay and New Orleans would be tough if the Eagles were good. This year, it is even more of a challenge. The coaches can’t just throw rookies out there to see what happens, but they need to play young guys that are good or who are close to the level of the veteran in front of them.

You don’t bench Brandon Graham for Joe Ostman, but you sure as heck sit Jeffery and Pryor to get Fulgham and Driscoll on the field.

Compete now, while also building for the future. 2020 is a lost cause. Do what you can to help the 2021 team.


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