Coaching Carousel Update

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The Eagles are still looking for a coach, but two teams found their man. The Jags made a splash hire, bringing in Urban Meyer. His track record is phenomenal, but he does have the challenge of going from college to the pros. The Jets hired Robert Saleh, the DC from the Niners. Saleh will be a first time head coach. Two bad teams made two very different hires. It should be fun to see how that plays out.

Back to the Eagles. Saleh was an Eagles target so they now have one less guy to choose from. On the flip side, we learned of a new candidate on Thursday.

Moore has done really good things with the Dallas offense in the past couple of years. He had plenty of talent to work with, but then delivered good results. I think it is smart for the Eagles to talk to him. Moore has never had to fix a broken QB, but he knows how to design and call plays. That’s crucial in the modern NFL.

Is Moore enough of a leader to run an NFL team? That’s a big question and I’m not sure of the answer. The reason you meet with Moore is to get a better feel for him as a person and potential leader.

Moore was a great QB at Boise State. He was good enough to be an NFL backup for a couple of years. That was more on brains than talent so moving to coaching was a natural transition. He’s on pace to be a head coach some day. That could be in the next few weeks or the next few years.


There is a lot of buzz with Smith and the Falcons. If he went there, he could coach Matt Ryan this year and draft a franchise QB to develop. That has to be very tempting.

The Eagles have their share of issues, but Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts could be intriguing for a gifted offensive coach.

Smith will meet with the Lions on Friday. A lot of people are interested in him.


Here is an interesting video with Jerrod Mayo.

He seems like a bright, thoughtful guy. I was surprised at how natural he seemed in that conversation. At the end I had to think…what if you pulled him out and put Doug Pederson in there?

The conversation would have been less interesting and a lot more confusing.

Doug did a lot of good things, but his ability to communicate was an issue. Maybe one of the key points Jeff Lurie is looking for this time is someone who has superior communication skills.

I don’t think Mayo is ready to be a head coach, but he’s an interesting guy to talk to and could be an excellent DC candidate.


Your scary news of the day.

Say what? Stout is a terrific assistant.

Why would the Eagles let him go without trying to see if the new coach might want to keep him?

That’s better.

Stoutland should be in high demand. I would think several NFL teams would want him, as well as Bama, where he coached in the past.

One thing that could keep him in Philly (or the league in general) is that he might not have any interest in recruiting. Bama gets the best players, but coaches still have to go chase after them. In the NFL, you draft, trade or sign guys and then coach them up.

Most coaches hate recruiting. They come to the NFL and get a taste of the good life. Very few want to go back.

I hope the Eagles are able to keep Stout in Philly. He was a great hire by Chip Kelly and then Doug wisely kept him around.


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