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Another day, another update on the Eagles coaching staff. We won’t be getting these every day, but they will come on a regular basis as Doug Pederson and the team try to find the right men to fix the 2020 mess.

Let’s start on offense.

I’m glad Marty is gone. Nothing against him personally, but it sure felt like there were too many cooks in the kitchen this year. I don’t know if the Eagles wanted his ideas on the Ravens offense (QB runs, creative run game) or if they wanted his West Coast offense passing game ideas. Either way, it didn’t seem like his ideas did much for the offense.

I had hopes for Scangarello, but his ideas were hard to spot in the 2020 offense.

Jeff McLane mentions that Press Taylor could be let go. It will not surprise me to see all the passing game coaches let go. Carson Wentz regressed in a major way in 2020. The passing game was ugly for much of the season. Some of that was on mediocre WR play and a constantly revolving O-line, but there were schematic issues as well. The offense was too predictable and didn’t scheme receivers open often enough.

You don’t fix the passing game by bringing back the same teachers and the same ideas. There has to be some change, maybe a lot of change.

These are not necessarily bad coaches, but they weren’t the right coaches for the past season and that means they may not be the right coaches for the future. You need the right mix of personalities and ideas. This group just didn’t have that mix.

We don’t have any good rumors about potential hires.

Over on defense, we knew Jim Schwartz was leaving, but this makes it official. Schwartz had his share of critics. I think he’ll be more appreciated over time. Schwartz did a good job during his tenure and that is backed up by the numbers, as well as postseason success.

We don’t have any good rumors on the defensive side of things either. I am still trying to figure out who I want the Eagles to hire.

There are lots of interesting candidates. We’ll sort them out in the next week or two.


There was one player move.

Jackson has a TE build at 6-7, 249. He is a solid athlete. Obviously moving from QB to TE isn’t easy, but it has been done. Logan Thomas played QB at Virginia Tech and just had a terrific season at TE for Washington.

This is the kind of developmental prospect  you want to take a chance on. The Eagles need young talent. Take some chances and see if you can develop a player. Greg Ward went from project to productive slot receiver. You need to hit on some of those guys to help with the cap situation.


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