Strange Days

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Eagles fans have suffered through a miserable season. The team is bad. Until Jalen Hurts came along, the team was boring. Everyone is ready for this clusterfudge of a season to be over.

Fan engagement goes down when things go bad. Fans spend less time watching the team and reading about them. This is a temporary apathy. There is no point in getting too fired up about meaningless games so fans drift elsewhere with their free time. That is completely understandable.

Normally this changes as soon as the season is over. That means changes are coming and fans love change.

“Fire the idiots in charge of this disaster.”

“Find a bunch of new players who don’t stink.”

The end of a bad season offers hope. Things can get fixed. There is also excitement to see what the changes will be. All of us think we know what is best and want the team to make certain moves.

Things feel different right now. With report after report coming out that GM Howie Roseman will return, the apathy of the fans doesn’t seem so temporary. What is the point in having a Top 10 pick if Howie is going to make it? Do you want him hiring a third coach?

Jimmy Bama wrote a story about Howie recently and had a poll on whether Howie should return or not. More than 4,300 people cast their vote. 95 percent of the people want him gone. Yikes.

If you were to poll 100,000 fans, I’m sure the number would come down. But it would still be high. Fans are tired of bad moves and seeing good players go elsewhere. The new normal since the Super Bowl has been mediocrity and a lack of talent sure seems to be the primary culprit.

Eagles fans are ready for Sunday’s game to come and go so this season can be put in the books, but the usual excitement of the offseason isn’t there. There is a lot of frustration with the idea of Howie returning. If he created this mess, how in the world do you trust him to fix it? If he had the answers, wouldn’t Howie have made the right picks/moves last year and the year before?


It is possible that Jeff Lurie will bring in someone to help with personnel, but the team already tried that. They hired Joe Douglas and had him focus on the draft. He had a hand in the bad classes. Then Joe went to the Jets. They had a promising draft class this year. Something didn’t click in Philly.

It really feels like someone new needs to be in charge of personnel. Not Howie’s right hand man. Not running the draft. Someone new in charge of personnel.

Everything we hear is that Howie will return and if that happens it is going to limit fan enthusiasm. Lurie better be careful or that apathy could start setting in and that is the worst thing an owner can deal with. It is far better to have angry fans than ones who don’t care.

Lurie needs to worry less about his comfort zone (keeping Howie) and more about the fans. As Jimmy Bama pointed out, it is too bad The Linc isn’t fully open this week. Tens of thousands of empty seats might send a visceral message that would really resonate with Lurie.

This team needs a lot of work in the offseason. It sure doesn’t feel like Howie is the guy to fix the miss since he’s the one who made it.

If Howie is back for 2021, maybe the empty seats at The Linc will be as well.


Sunday’s game could be ugly.

Jalen Hurts is about to find out how hard life in the NFL can be. His OTs will be Brett Toth and Matt Pryor. That would be bad against most teams, but that is frightening against the WFT’s front seven.

The Eagles could lean on the run game, but that would be…Boston Scott.

Sunday could be one of those games where I watch the clock more than the scoreboard.

There is some good news.

Fans of Jason Croom and Rashad Smith will be happy.


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