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With the Carson Wentz situation now settled, the Eagles can turn their attention to slashing payroll. This team is way over the cap and that means a lot of players will go and a lot of contracts will be re-worked.

The moves started on Friday.

Per Jimmy Bama, this will save the Eagles $4.85M off the 2021 salary cap.

Eagles fans were excited when Jackson re-signed with the team in 2019, but he just couldn’t stay healthy. Here is the breakdown from Mr. Bama.

His second stint with the team was forgettable. Over the last two years, Jackson had 23 catches for 395 yards and 3 TDs in just eight games, two of which he played 10 or fewer snaps. For that production, the Eagles paid him $17,675,000, or $768,478 per reception.


With the Eagles now in rebuilding mode, Jackson no longer fits. The Eagles are interested in young, cheap players. Jackson is neither.

Jackson says he wants to continue playing. If he can stay healthy, he can be an important role player for some team. I don’t think anyone can count on him as a starter, but he remains a lethal deep threat when he’s on the field.

DeSean’s release was no surprise and it won’t be the last one, as Bo so subtly points out.


I hope the Eagles are able to deal Ertz. He’s had a great career in Philly, but it is time to focus on young talent. If the Eagles can move him and get a pick in return, it will help with the rebuild.

I had doubts that there would be much of a market for Ertz. He’s on the wrong side of 30 and coming off a bad year. Ertz does have a great track record and a title contender may feel it is worth taking a chance on him. He’s always been valuable on third downs and in the Red Zone. Those are critical situations that can mean the difference in winning and losing.


Avery has an explosive burst and would seem to be a better fit at DE because of that, but he also has outstanding movement skills. Maybe getting him on the move is the better way to go.

Look at the way he fights through traffic to make the play.

And here you see Avery with effective coverage on the wheel route.

Obviously things weren’t working out at DE so I’m glad the new staff is trying something else. Avery is a gifted athlete. He’s got potential. It would be great if the Eagles could find a way to turn him into a good role player.

That may not happen, but it is certainly worth trying.

SAM – Alex Singleton – Genard Avery
MLB – T.J. Edwards – Shaun Bradley – Joe Bachie
WLB – Davion Taylor – Rashad Smith

The Eagles are looking for young talent. That’s a young group. The question is just how talented they are. There isn’t one sure thing in that bunch of players.

Singleton was terrific in 2020, but counting on him as the foundation of your LB corps is not ideal.