Wentz Trade Might Be Imminent?

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When I was a kid, my grandmother had a refrigerator magnet that said “Lord, give me patience. And I want it right now!” I think that is the way we all feel in regard to Carson Wentz getting traded. The theme for this debacle situation is hurry up and wait. We are told that a trade is imminent. We are told that a trade is close. And then we are told this.

Is it imminent or not, damnit??? I’ve got angry tweets to write, no matter what happens.

Obviously this is a complex situation. Howie Roseman is asking for a pair of first round picks and possibly even more. Clearly no team will pay that. But that’s Negotiating 101. You start high and go down.

There is danger in this.

The Colts and Bears must be balking at this price. Roseman will certainly come down from it, but when? This is a game of chicken. He must give the impression that he’s willing to step away from the table. That keeps the pressure on the teams who want Wentz.

Someone will cave in.

It would help if a mystery team (Niners, Raiders, Panthers, Broncos, etc.) got seriously involved. For now, it sounds like the Eagles are leaking team names to people to create the illusion that more than the Colts and Bears are seriously in on this.

Mike Kaye wrote a good summary of the situation. He heared to expect a deal on Monday or Tuesday. Let’s hope that’s right.

When I say I’m ready for Wentz to be gone and this to be over, some people take that as me hating Wentz. That isn’t the case. I covered Wentz at the 2016 Senior Bowl and came away very impressed. I thought the Eagles were lucky to draft him and I was excited to once again have a true franchise QB. Things fell apart in the years after the Super Bowl, with Wentz hitting rock bottom last year.

I see stuff like this from fans as well. It completely misses the point. Wentz wants out of Philly. He wants to be traded. If the Eagles try to keep him, they would be holding the guy “hostage” and it would not go well. I don’t think he would turn into 2005 TO, but you don’t want a QB who doesn’t want to be here. That would be a disaster.

The Eagles have to trade Wentz. This isn’t what they want to do. It has to happen.

We can argue about who is at fault (everyone) and why this happened, but the bottom line is that the marriage is over. We’re just waiting for the divorce to be finalized.

The Eagles aren’t giving up on Wentz because he suddenly lacks talent. When he is on his game, Wentz is still an outstanding QB. The problem is that he completely fell apart last year and I think a fresh start is a key part of getting him fixed.

More than a few people saw the Chiefs Super Bowl performance as proof that the Eagles OL was the main problem last year. The Chiefs had a pair of backup tackles starting and they were awful. Patrick Mahomes was running for his life. He struggled and KC only put up 9 points. If the great Mahomes is shut down by bad blocking, wouldn’t the same be true for Wentz?

Yes and no. Of course the Eagles erratic OL play hurt Wentz. I think we’ll all have nightmares about Jamon Brown starting at RG. Yikes.

But the Eagles OL wasn’t awful all year. They played well at times. Wentz had a bad habit of holding the ball too long. He was affected by phantom pressure at times. Wentz made a bad situation worse. Heck, there were times when he made a good situation bad.

If you want to compare a certain game to the Super Bowl, fine. But the whole year? Bogus comparison. Mahomes protection was awful. He did everything he could to overcome it, but couldn’t. Wentz struggled for the vast majority of 2020. He had good moments, but he was flat out awful for most of the year.

Let’s hope some other team decides Wentz is worth the risk and ponies up a good offer. That will allow Wentz to move on and try to fix his career. It will allow the Eagles to move on and try to fix this team over the next couple of years.

Hurry up and wait.


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