Hurts The One?

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Monday went from a quiet morning to filled with Eagles talk in a hurry. And it was all thanks to ESPN NFL Insider Chris Mortensen.

So the Eagles are going to focus on Hurts for 2021. Interesting. This would seem to mean the team won’t go with a QB at pick 6.

That could mean a few different things. First, it could mean the Eagles are higher on Hurts than we realize. He only started four games and played on a highly flawed team so it is hard to know just what to make of him.

This could also be a sign that the Eagles aren’t all that high on the QB prospects at the top of the draft. Are Zach Wilson, Justin Fields and Trey Lance truly better than Hurts? The Eagles might not think that’s the case.

The Eagles could feel that this just isn’t the time to focus on QB. Do you build the team and then add the QB or vice versa? You want a young QB to succeed. If you put him into the wrong circumstances, he’s likely to be overwhelmed. There is a reason that most young QBs fail. They tend to play on bad teams.

You can make a good argument that the Eagles need to focus more on the overall talent than just the QB. Hurts showed he’s got NFL ability last year. We just don’t know if he can be a good starting QB. Build the team up. See what Hurts can do. That makes sense on two levels.

The most interesting thing Mort said is that the edict came from Jeff Lurie. Shouldn’t the GM or new coach be making this decision?

The coach and GM want the team to succeed, but they also want to protect their jobs. Lurie knows he’s safe so he’s making the decision without having to worry about the immediate consequences. That can be a good and a bad thing. It gives him freedom, but it also means he doesn’t truly fear being wrong. Accountability brings a lot of pressure to decision-making.

Before we rip on Lurie, let’s consider his track record as owner.

As usual, Sam makes valid points.

My biggest concern is the impact of the Super Bowl. Since then, the Eagles have not made good decisions. Is this bad luck or did winning the SB convince the Eagles braintrust that they are smarter than they really are. I’ll need to write a full post on this angle because there is a lot to cover.

The Eagles will bring in a QB or two as competition, but it doesn’t sound like they’ll spend primary resources on that. You wonder if they would consider bringing Nate Sudfeld back. This isn’t a great QB class after the guys at the top. The team will need to be creative to find a young QB to add to the mix.

This is going to be one odd offseason. Just when you think you know what to expect, you don’t.


The Eagles are smart to see if there is a market for Brooks. He’s old and expensive. And coming off a major injury. But Brooks keeps himself in amazingly good shape and is an outstanding player when healthy.

If some team is in “win now” mode and covets a RG, made a good offer for Brooks. The Eagles should not give him away. This would need to be a good draft pick.

Having Brooks around would help the team in 2021. If you get a good enough offer that can help the team for several years, you have to take that chance. But Brooks isn’t a guy you let go of lightly. He is still one of the best RGs in the league.


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